Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time-Warp Tuesday: Green River

Tuesday, Tuesday Bloggy Friends!

I hope you're having a great afternoon. It's cold and rainy in Philadelphia today. It sucks because I rely heavily on sunlight to film my videos, and today it just wasn't there. Argh.

I have begun scanning the pictures I brought home from Kentucky. The first album I picked up was photos of my senior year in high school. Sure, I had to face a certain amount of ridicule in school for being a "sissy," but for the most part I really enjoyed my years there. By the time my senior year rolled around I didn't have to put up with as much name calling as I had in the past. I had a great group of friends who, like me, lived for having a great time. In today's "Time-Warm Tuesday" I want to share an album of pictures we took the summer before my senior year began. To get things started off right, six of us rented a houseboat on Green River in south-central Kentucky. We spent labor day weekend living it up the best way we knew how. This was around the time most of us started experimenting with alcohol. I was never much of a drinker, but I gave it a shot around this time as well. Not much later I would be introduced to my vice of choice, marijuana. I'll get into all that later. For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures I've put together. To check them out just click HERE.

I hope you all have a great afternoon. Talk to ya soon!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish you could have been here while I was viewing these pictures!

There were three or four photos in which your head/face looked like photos of you at age 13 (?) ... looked like much earlier photos, from 7th grade, say. I note that b/c those (very old) photos do NOT often remind me of the present-day you. There is a big difference. In this group, it was a mix. Some were the face of you I know and about three or four were of this earlier (younger) person.

No wonder you are so good with people!!! All I had in high school was Lori Jo (who called us on Thanksgiving day) and my church group. You have a very great gift, to be at such ease among others.

And y'all were having SO much fun. I love summer! You should know, however, that the ONLY time I went kayaking was on the Green River, with my friend Anne who lived ... well I don't know where the hell she lived, some dirt road. But not far from the river. We spotted "Blue Holes" where the water was cold from an underground cave.

I'm glad you posted this "image history" of you, this "slice in time." I was absorbed and tremendously interested. But I confess I'm a little blue now b/c I wish I had your easy, contagious way with others. The very fact that we are friends and I "trust" you as much as I do means that you have this great ability to develop friendships with people.

Yeah, ya can't make a video without direct sunlight, baby! Gimmie sun!!!!

Among the many things I've liked about you, I never really had a "crush" on you - just the attraction of friendship. But may I now say that you have very good legs. Oh yeah.

Thanks for being cool enough to share this bio with us! I loved it.

Casey said...

Wow... it was fun to see this pics... I was thinking when reading this "um, how in the world did a bunch of seniors get a houseboat?"... then I saw the pics and mention of chaperones.

For the record, the Natural Light beers are classic... Love love love this post & look forward to more older photos of your KY days.

Edro Edro said...

OMG, what fun pictures. I haven't seen most of those people since I was in high school; I had moved on to college already. I wasn't really friends with anyone besides you, though I know most of those girls that played basketball with my sister. I did play baseball for a couple for years with Jonathan and always secretly thought he was a cutie! *sigh*

You look SO young, Mammy!

Keri Noe said...

I loved looking at the pictures! I know you all had great times with the houseboat trips. Jonathan has told me all about them. Jonathan looks like the guy I started dating when I was just 14! Wow, I can't believe that. Who wouldn't have a crush on him? He was such a "hot-tae" then and now! Tell Eddie he is just as cute now! I am proud to say I married someone that is as good of a person as he is hot! It brought back a funny memory of when Jonathan and I were dating. We used to get his truck washed at the Pink Cadillac car wash in Richmond. There was always this guy that had a crush on him and would give him free car washes! He has always been known to get hit on by guys and girls alike. Oh, I saw Avery the other day and he looked good. He reminded me of good ole' Av back in the day. I still can't believe that he and Darlene are married! Thanks for sharing. It made me smile-Keri