Monday, January 12, 2009

Millionaire Monday

Monday, Monday Bloggy Friends.

How is everyone today? I hope you're all geared up for a fantastic week. I still have one week and one day of vacation left, and I'm loving every minute of it! It's such a beautiful day today. The sun is shining so bright, and it's warm enough to keep the heat from coming on. I haven't heard it kick on once today. If this is what winter is like in Philadelphia, I'll take it! Before I moved here I was so frightened by the prospect of winter being as brutal as it was in Chicago, or like the stories I had heard of nasty winters in New York City, but alas, it is not! Should I bite my tongue? I hope not. This afternoon I watched another old movies, "In the Good Old Summertime," starring Judy Garland. It's a cheerful love story that showcases many of Judy's impeccable talents. She sings, she dances and she's beautiful. I really liked it. I also made a delicious juice today, ruby red grapefruit and blackberry. Yum!

Did any of you catch the Golden Globes last night? From the comments you left it didn't sound like many of you would be watching. We recorded them on the DVR so we could avoid the commercials and the long, boring gratitude speeches. For the most part they went by pretty smoothly. The Golden Globes are much less formal than the Oscars. The atmosphere seems very cozy. In the audience you see the stars hob-nobbing with one another as they sip their champagne. Some of them seem to get down-right sauced! I don't really have any stand-out moments to report on. I was happy to see "Slumdog Millionaire" pick up several awards. The cast and crew seemed so genuinely grateful. I was also thrilled that Kate Winslet won two awards. She won Best Actress for "Revolutionary Road," and Best Supporting Actress in "The Reader." I can't wait to see them both. I love her. As any good gay would say, I also enjoyed seeing what the ladies were wearing last night. I noticed a definite "white" theme. In a lot of the gowns I saw many variations on white, such as cream, vanilla, pearl and any other shade of white you could come up with. I thought most of them looked lovely. Tom Cruise also looked very handsome. He's looking a lot better lately. I like him.

I hope you guys have a nice day. The paparazzi stopped by this afternoon to take a few shots of me on the set of my upcoming video. I've posted some of them with you below. Stay tuned for the finished product! I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Glad the paps caught you on the set and at work. I keep thinking of ideas for my "Triumphant Return Video" but nothing comes to mind. I would, actually,. like to be working just as you are, but alas the muse is absent.

I love winter white. Thanks for explaining the Globes. Next year, I watch.

Judy Garland is my 2nd fav artist of the 20th century.

You still make me happy! Can't wait for that video.

Rick Watson said...


Edro Edro said...

I'm simply giddy with anticipation!

Casey said...

I watched some of the Globes... I havent seen any of the movies, so it wasnt all that exciting to me. I was happy about Slumdog Millionaire though... I havent seen the movie yet, but I've only heard very positive reviews. It's on my list!