Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What, No Debate!?!

Hey, Bloggy Friends.

How are you guys tonight? Well, my blood is boiling. No, it's not because of the jalapenos I added to my dinner, but the shock felt after hearing that John McCain wants to postpone the upcoming debate!

I've listened to the pundits on the CNN say it's a "political strategy," and a "way to change the focus of the election," but I think John McCain has cold feet! That's right, cold feet. As I have followed this election over these past few months I have noted McCain's uneasiness when debates approach. First, he wanted to change the whole course of the debates by scheduling several, small, town hall meetings across America. Second, at the RNC he had the whole stage transformed in order to accommodate his comfort level before his acceptance speech. I think the guy has serious issues with public speaking. Maybe he doesn't feel as prepared as he should to get up and talk about the important issues facing America. Instead he wants to take cover in his Senate seat as we all wait patiently to hear him address us publicly on his capability to take command and change this country. I know he's participated in debates before, but never as a Presidential nominee. Maybe the pressure's getting to him, maybe he's not prepared, maybe he doubts his abilities compared to that of the eloquent Mr. Obama. I smell a cop-out, and it stinks - just like my jalapeno breath.

I think John McCain needs to take the stage Friday night and show us all why he thinks we should vote for him as President. I'm tired of him hiding behind his untactful commercials, "good political strategies" and influential supporters. I'm sick of his excuses about why Sarah Palin shouldn't talk to the media. It's time for this team to grow some balls and face their opponents in real time. We don't have time to delay for their personal comfort. We need a President who's ready to stand up at anytime and take care of business. Get on that stage John McCain. Get on that stage!

I hope you all have a great night.

Love, Josh


Rick Watson said...

whaaaaaaat????? no debate???????

did you see palin's photo opps at the UN was it yesterday? as if she was talking political stuff, she was only posing for pics!

scareykatt said...



well said!

Michael said...

Nicely put!

Casey said...

I'm with you all the way.

This is such a ploy. The financial crisis didnt "just happen and need immediate attention this week." It's been brewing for a while & should have been handled appropriately in a deliberate manner.

He has admitted that he doesnt know caca about the economy & he now wants to look like he is "concerned" & is a leader on this.

Guess what? He hasnt voted in the Senate since April.

There is something else behind this.

I think he can afford an hour on Friday night to debate. It is possible to multi-task. People do it every day.

Edro Edro said...

Amen, Sister!