Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Before I turn in for the evening, I wanted to stop back by and share my thoughts about the speech I heard Sarah Palin give tonight. First of all, I was appalled at Rudy Guiliani's vehemently negative remarks on Obama. They were mocking, absurd and flat out distasteful. After hearing that and the rowdy whoops from the crowd, I started to become a little skeptical about what Ms. Palin would say. She stayed fairly clean until the end, and then ripped on Obama. She mocked his motivation for change, and his innovative beliefs, she questioned his experience and belittled the work he did before running the Presidential campaign. While I am happy to see a woman standing in the position she is in, I would much rather have heard her keep give a more dignified, positive speech. I was a little excited in the beginning at the prospects of seeing a woman on the ticket. I automatically became a little more interested in what the Republicans had to say. I never considered voting their way, but my curiosity level definitely peaked. I really want to like her, but I just can't commend a person who speaks so adamantly agai

I don't want to risk becoming too political here, so I'll call it quits.

I hope you guys have a great night. Sleep tight and have a great day tomorrow!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

I'm excited that 20something years later, the Republicans have also nominated a woman for VP.

I cant wait to see a female Prez or Veep, but I'm not ready for Palin.

While she has a great appearance/personality, I'm not yet comfortable with her being the VP for what would be the oldest inaugurated Prez in history.

Rick Watson said...

I have no further comments.... other than have a great day at class tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Josh, you sgopuld be as political on your blog as you want to be! Don't hold back honey! If anyone who reads it is not as interested in the political parts, he or she can wait until those other aspects of your charming personality come to the fore. Blog on baby! And yes, I love you for your open-mindedness. You have a lot to teach me, regardless of our different ages. I can learn from you.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Obama camp threw the first punch by belittling her work as a small town mayor. Notice that that is the only job they allude to when talking about her experience. Forget that she is the current governor of the largest state in the union overseeing an economy greater than most states. They don't want America to see that she actually does have more experience on the executive level(not just legislative) than the Obama ticket combined (and more than McCain in that respect). Of course, all is fair in love and politics (except using a candidate's family as political fodder...something that both sides are often guilty of). Though, I don't agree with Mrs. P's stance on abortion or gay rights, I recognize that she is a strong candidate, a tough as nails woman and one the Dems need to be very worried about if they want to walk away victorious in November. Too bad she's not a democrat.

You think last night was nasty? just wait. It's gonna get real ugly in the next couple of months. I just wonder which side has the most mud in their buckets. Personally, I can't wait to find out.

Love ya,

hal said...

P.S....I'm not saying I love the lady or think she has the experience to run the country if the need were ever to arise. She may prove to be a total flash in the sensational pan within a few weeks. I just like to be, much to Casey's chagrin, the devil's advocate.


Casey said...

See what I have to put up with? These conversations have officially been banned at home.

One little thing to add to the above comment about Alaska being the largest US state... well, while that may be true considering "land area," the entire state has fewer people than metropolitan Nashville. Just saying.

If your interested, check out this non-partisan website. I read it during each election cycle

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised anyone, particularly those who supported Hillary, would fall for the Republican VP choice gimmick. The fact is Palin is to the extreme right of center on almost all issues. She is anti-gay. She is anti-abortion (even in instances of incest or rape). She is pro-gun and pro-Christian. In order to obscure these positions, many lies were spread by her and others during the RNC convention.
Palin was picked for the simple fact that McCain needs to look younger, more palatable, and be viewed as a Washington-outsider (ignore his two+ decades in the Senate). Indeed many press photos have shown just Palin, her youngest daughter and McCain, as if to suggest they are one happy family!!
Ignore the fact that, if elected, McCain would be the oldest president in HISTORY! They are stealing Obama's message of youth and change. Bottom line, a McCain-Palin presidency is a social conservative's dream come true, and a nightmare for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

One other thing: I especially enjoyed the RNC lie that Palin, as mayor of the small town Wasilla, received more votes than Biden during his presidential election. What a blatant lie!!! According to the record, she got 616 votes in the 1996 election and 909 votes in the 1999 election. The truth is 76,165 people voted for Biden in 23 states.
It's the same story with Republicans.. they will say and do anything to get elected.

Anonymous said...

palin is a witch! watch your back people!