Friday, August 22, 2008

With Bated Breath....

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

If you're excited that it's Friday, let me hear you say Ooooohhh! If you can't wait for the weekend, wave your hands in the air! Now somebody, everybody, Bloggy Friends - Screeeaaammmm!

I thought I'd bust a quick rhyme for ya, Bloggy Friends! I've been listening to a lot of Hip-Hop lately, and have decided I'm kind of a rapper. Go figure.

Anyways, I hope you're all having a fantastic Friday. It is a gorgeous day in Philadelphia, and I am so pumped about the weekend. It's not that I've been working my tail off or anything, but I love it when Alan is off and we can spend two consecutive days together - usually without interruption. We also have a few fun plans to look forward to over the weekend - so, that's always a good thing.

Who else has signed up for the big Obama, VP text message? I certainly have and have been waiting patiently by my phone for the big answer. I have my fingers crossed that it's no one boring like Joe Biden (even though he's a logical choice), or Tim Kaine (he kind of reminds me of Big Pussy from the Sopranos). I'm looking for a bold and innovative choice, something that's going to shock us and amp up the excitement! Come on Obama, make a good choice!!

I'm really surprised to see that the polls have narrowed significantly lately. CNN reports today that Obama only has a one-point lead over McPain. Let's hope this housing slip-up from McCain, and a possible exciting VP choice, will win him a larger advantage once again.

Well, I guess I will cut this short. I just wanted to say hello, and get a little political with you guys. Oh, cut me some slack, it's been a while since I've done that! Have you finished your Workout B in our Fitness Plan today? I had a terribly difficult time with Workout A last night, it really is hard. The worse part for me is doing certain exercises with my eyes closed and on tip-toes. I'm swaying, and falling all over the place. I'm going to have some tea in a bit and then see how well I accomplish Workout B.

I'll leave you with a big smooch. SMOOCH! I hope you guys have a great day - and a fantastic weekend. Monday will mark the official "one week before school starts." I'm really excited.

Talk to ya soon!

Love, Joshua Obama


Casey said...

I am also excited to hear the VP announcement. I didnt sign up for the text message b/c I dont want to get messages for the next 2 months.

You'd think the announcement will have to come by 8pm tonight?

About the polls, I dont think it is anything to worry about. Obama had his little vacay and McCain got more attention than usual. The slate will be clear come convention time. Dont fret!!!

Rick Watson said...

I pray that Obama is our next President. I don't see it not happening. It must! I'm not on the text list. I didn't know about it. We'll know soon. Is Hillary still in the running? Do you think it'll be her? I think it might since she's been sooo quiet lately. Let's hope so!

.... and ohhhhh, these workouts are killing me!!!

Anonymous said...

And the best dressed, darn cutest rapper ever...