Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swimming Pool Project Space (Chicago)

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I wanted to share a little something with you today. There is a hip, new art studio open in Chicago called Swimming Pool Project Space. It is located at 2858 W. Montrose, and is co-directed by one of my dearest friends, Josh Kozuh. The space is a tiny, commercial storefront gallery that hosts emerging artists. Their mission is to be a "hub that brings artists and people together to connect through, and in the presence of contemporary art."

I can't wait to take a trip to Chicago to check it out. The current show is:

I wish Josh and his partner, Liz, much fulfillment in their new, worthy venture. It sounds very exciting!

Have a great day, Bloggy Friends!

P.S. Don't forget to start repeating the exercise routines today - A (Today), B (Tomorrow) and C (Saturday). If you find the exercises are becoming too easy, first repeat the four exercises again and then try adding more weight. Don't let it get too easy!

Love, Josh

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Rick Watson said...

Nice! I'm loving the blue on the floor. Wouldn't that be a great color for an apartment floor?

It's great to have a gathering place like an art studio for friends to hang and express themselves creatively! Good luck to your friend with his new space!