Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashion Unity.

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

We are still unsure about how the Hillary supporters will unite with the Obama supporters next week in Denver, but one thing is for sure - this is the time of year when fashion happily combines!

I love this brief period of time, between summer and fall, when you can incorporate your summer wardrobe with that of some of your winter clothes. It provides you a whole slew of new outfit combinations. You can wear jeans with t-shirts, sweaters with shorts and still get away with flip flops, slides or sandals! The options are limitless, and the outcome is sure to be pure sexiness!

I just thought I'd share that random thought with you tonight, Bloggy Friends. Alan and I are about to meet up with some friends to catch a movie. I still haven't heard from Obama about the VP choice. My guess is that he's going to wait until tomorrow before the supposed rally in Illinois, where he is scheduled to appear with the new Vice-Presidential nominee.

We'll see!

Have a great night. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Love, Josh


Rick Watson said...

Ohhh yes! I love wearing my slides and flops during the chilly fall days with a sweater or some cute long sleeve blouse! Actually I wear my slides/flops up until it's so cold my feet can't stand it! I looked at some great sneakers today at Von Maur. They have your Japanese line, but I don't like the colors they have. They have the basic white with black striping. However, I did find some Pumas I really liked. I've tried Pumas on before and they make me feel as if my foot is soo small, narrow, and pointy when I look down at them. They had Diesels, but none I preferred. It's looking like maybe some Pumas, unless I find something online!
Ohhhh, those fall fashions! That's why fall is my favorite season!

Anonymous said...

I remember being young and caring about clothes! I was all about midcentury nostalgia, and my speciality was 1960s-style tapered trousers. I wore them with heavy white cotton socks and brown penny loafers. Yes, I did grease my hair. My shirt collars were no wider than a pack of cigarettes, and my ties were vintage.

Now I wear anything that ... covers.