Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mr. Vice-President

Good Morning, Bloggy Friends!

Well, say hello to our new Vice-President, Senator Joe Biden. I know, from first glance he looks just like every other man that has been in this position for the past 200 years - but don't let the looks fool ya. This is actually an extremely wise choice for Mr. Obama. He brings to the ticket a wealth of foreign policy experience, and a strong tie to middle America that Obama has struggled to gain in the past (Thanks, Jude). Together, this duo makes a pretty convincing case against the Republicans.

I found out before the infamous text came through this morning at 3:05 am. Hmm, wonder if that was supposed to be a spoof on the "3 am phone call?" I guess word got out before Obama's people had a chance to send the text. Biden was the top choice for most of the news stations I frequent, so his bid came as no surprise to anyone.

I was hoping for a little Hillary action, but I guess that's just not how it is destined to be. The hurt will subside. I'm just so ready for a woman to finally grasp a powerful position like this, kick ass and completely dispel the myths that a female is not built to rule this country. Hillary did help put cracks in that "glass ceiling," but I'm ready for that bad boy to shatter into a million pieces. Can I get an amen, ya'll?

Anyways, I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you on this bright and sunny, Saturday morning. This does put a whole new twist in the election process. I'm sure we'll see the heat turned up a few notches in the coming weeks. Obama/Biden '08!

Have a fantastic Saturday. I think we are going to head downtown eventually to begin patrolling neighborhoods. In doing this, we hope to find the perfect place for us to settle when we move downtown in November. We have plenty of time, but you know the early bird gets the worm!

Talk to ya soon,

Love, Josh

P.S. Don't forget Workout C today (RICK)! This will be the final day of our routine before we start it again on Monday. Remember to take that much needed rest tomorrow. Pamper yourselves and be congratulated on all the hard work you've been doing. Smooch.


Rick Watson said...

Ohhhh yes! Workout C is gonna be tuff! whew!

I can't believe it's almost time for you boys to move downtown! It's been almost a year! Find something cute with a great location. Location means a lot! Convenience to everything, shopping, dining, grocers, bars, coffee/tea houses, and the gays! Don't forget to find a spot amongst the gays! Are you targeting the Gayborhood?

Casey said...

Amen, sista! Having Nancy Pelosi break the "marble ceiling" was very exciting to me. I was also hoping for a strong female president, but we'll keep waiting. I'm still excited that a black man has broken the barrier that many never thought they would see during their lifetime (i.e, civil rights crusaders).

I'm glad to hear your positive comments on Joe Biden. I love how you're making lemonade. Biden does seem to have a compelling bio and hopefully will fill the perceived deficiencies of Obama. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Joe keeps his foot out of his mouth for the next 2 months. He's well know for diarrhea of the mouth.

I'm so excited for you to find a closer to Center City location. Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep me informed about your Center City search. I was never rich enough to score an apt. in CC, but my boyfriend lived at 1617 Spruce street (3rd floor front ... if those walls could talk). I always lived in South or West Phila.