Sunday, August 24, 2008

Center City Strolling

Good Sunday, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you guys are enjoying your break from the extremely difficult workouts we've been doing this week. I can only imagine Rick is just as sore as he could possibly be! Poor thing, do you need an ice pack? :)

So, we officially kicked off our new apartment search yesterday in Center City. We spent about 4.5 hours roaming the different neighborhoods around the city that we felt would be best suited for our lifestyles. We kept our search within an eight block radius of the three major rail stations downtown - 30th Street, Suburban and Market East. These are the rails that Alan wants to be in close proximity to in order to make the commute to King of Prussia, where he works, everyday.

Like I said before, our lease doesn't end until the beginning of November, so we are a little ahead of the game here. We mostly utilized the time we had by getting a feel for the areas, and scribbling down the names and numbers of several rental companies. When I say several, I mean like five pages! So far our favorite areas are Washington Square and Rittenhouse. Each area hosts a wealth of amenities that we perceive as being particularly useful to us. Living here we would have access to a plethora of shopping, eclectic coffee shops, unique eateries, groceries and not to mention the fact that we would be surrounded by people who are more artistic and open-minded than what we find in Manayunk.

Our next step will be to start calling the names we gathered, and begin browsing potential properties on the internet. We'll work to establish contacts, and hopefully place ourselves in the forefront of the agents priority list. I'm really excited to start seeing places, so we can get a feel for what we'll find in Center City. We have pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we'll have to sacrifice a great deal of space in the transition from the burbs to downtown. With two cats and a dog, though, we can't afford to surrender too much.

I think living in Center City will prove to be a completely different experience for us as citizens of Philadelphia. It will be a major relief to have the benefits of downtown-living right at our fingertips. No more driving in to hang with friends, waiting for the bus to take me to work/school or driving 5+ miles out to Whole Foods every weekend for groceries. It will all be practically at our door step. I'll keep you posted on how the process progresses.

I've attached a few pictures of our afternoon. I didn't take as many as I had anticipated. Later that night we met up with some friends for dinner and a few drinks before we made the trek back home. Enjoy!

I hope you all have a fantastic afternoon/day/evening. We are leaving in a few hours to make a trip to Wilmington, Delaware to see my friends Kelly and Ed. Do you remember them from San Francisco? They recently moved out here so Kelly could attend law school. They're having us over for dinner and a little catch up session. I look forward to seeing them. Talk to you soon!

Love, Josh


rick watson said...

Yes! Gimme an ice pack for my lower back and aching feet! Rikki and I walked the fair for over 4 hours! Ugh! I'm worn out!

I am elated that you guys are moving to the city! It will be a whole different lifestyle. I'm happy for you and cannot wait to visit you there. Good luck with the search! Yes, you will have to downsize, but that will be easy to do since you now live in enough space to accommodate 3 separate apartments! Hello!!

Have fun on the DE trip and send us pics of apartments you're contemplating! I'd love to see and compare your options along the way!

Casey said...

Sounds like a fun Saturday. I'm guessing that you wont have to compromise as much space as you would have to in SF. The good thing is that even though you have 3 pets, they're all small & can adapt.

I admit I dont know Philadelphia that well... did we go near either of those areas you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

You two have so many friends! Wilmington?! Add 1.5 hours and you could be in DC!!!!! I have plenty of wine and food. Call me. (LOL!!!!)

My advice is going to just, you know, suck. But I say ... don't make it do or die with the glamorous Center City thing. Phila isn't Manhattan, but it's not too far from it. Yes, you might have luck. But also try to be realistic and appreciate that rents are high and competition for Rittenhouse Square places is tough. Maybe it will all work out and you and Alan will score a fabulous CC apartment. But in the meantime my advice is to be open to other neighborhoods, like the Art Museum area, that might offer almost as much without busting the wallet.

Having said this, let me just add that I sincerely hope you find a gorgeous and affordable place exactly where you both want to be. I believe in you!

Anonymous said...

Looking for a new place can be so exciting! I hope you find something you both love and is the perfect fit for you all! Keep us posted with photos. Maybe you could eventually narrow it down to your top three or two and have a vote! LOL! It would be fun to hear what others have to say as well. Until then take care and enjoy the last of summer and start of fall weather. Geez, where did time go?