Monday, August 25, 2008

A Full Course Meal.

Hey, Bloggy Friends. I hope you're hungry, because I'm serving up some goods today!

I want to first take a minute to send many, happy birthday wishes to my dear Aunt Stacy in Lancaster, KY! Here she is with her son Brett, who celebrated his birthday on Saturday. My aunt Stacy is the current Court Clerk in Garrard County, and was the county's very first Miss Tobacco Festival! I just talked to her, and she is spending her birthday at the stockyards, with her husband, selling two cows! I hope you both have/had a great one.

Main Course:
Last night we topped off a fantastic weekend by spending some time with friends in Wilmington. As I told you before, we drove to Delaware to spend time with our friends Kelly and Ed from San Francisco. I was happy to see they had found themselves a wonderful, quaint community to live in and was surprised to see how fast they had settled in. Inside, I got the feeling they had been living there for much longer than a week. It felt homey and cozy.

They prepared a delicious meal for us of baked salmon, steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes. How did they know it was salmy Sunday!?! For dessert we made homemade vanilla ice cream and placed it on top of the most delicious, fresh, peach cobbler! The meal was divine and we had such a great time. It was so good to see them again. I look forward to showing them around Philadelphia, and perhaps taking a few side trips to other surrounding areas. Thanks Kelly and Ed!

Bloggy Friend Bill has made another fascinating video. I told him yesterday that I believe this is my favorite so far - mainly because of the beautiful visuals and the music he chose is right up my alley! Note the remarkable similarity between the sound of old Motown, and the new sound of Miss Amy Winehouse. I have posted it below along with pictures of our evening for you all to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Love, Joshua

P.S. Good luck to Rick on his first day back to school!


Casey said...

I love homemade ice cream, but it's been years since I have had any.

Sounds like a fun evening!

Casey said...

P.S... I agree with your assessment of Bills video.

Anonymous said...

(1) I have always liked your straw hat since it first appeared. (2) Homemade ice cream is FABULOUS. (3) Thanks so much for always supporting me with my videos. Your enthusiasm always means a lot.

Rick Watson said...

Your friends seem like such sweet people. Congrats to them on their new home.

To Bill: your videos come to few and far between. I'd like to see more of them! I admire your creativity in the video production as well as the writing! Keep 'em coming! They never fail to capture my attention!

Rick Watson said...
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Rick Watson said...

How could I forget to thank you Josh for the good luck wishes on my first day back to class. It went great! I'm really looking forward to my Mon & Wed class which is Drafting for Designers. I have a really good feeling about it! I'm ready!