Tuesday, July 1, 2008

North Carolina Road Trip, Pt. 2

Hey, Bloggy Friends!

I hope you're all having a luxuriously comfortable evening. I'm currently enjoying a few days off from work. There are no shows in production this summer, so there isn't much work for us to do in the box office. We will have some hours here and there, but right now I'm just enjoying a little rest and relaxation away from it all! It is also nice to have more time to spend with Galileo. He thrives so much more when he doesn't have to be locked in his cage most of the day.

Did I tell you I went to a Unite For Change meeting this weekend in Center City? It was done in conjunction with the Unite For Change rally held on Satuday, with Hillary and Obama, in Unity, New Hampshire. The event called for former Hillary supporters, and Obama supporters alike, to band together to strategize about ways we can help elect our highly capable, democratic candidate. I'm excited to see how the election plays out over the summer. I have to admit, though, at the moment I am no where near as pumped up about it as I was during the primary season. I'm tired of seeing two men going at it, I need a woman in the mix! I'm going to be as involved as I can, and see how things unfold in this historic election cycle. GoooooooObama!

Today, I am presenting part two of my North Carolina Road Trip series. This video chronicles the few days we spent in and around Michael and Jeremy's hometown of Carrboro. I hope you enjoy! Have a great night and I'll talk to you very soon.

Love and Prosperity to you each and every one!



Fresnodude said...

U always have so much fun on ur Trips! I have fun just watching u and ur friends! Thanks 4 sharing...and of course loved the DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE BREAK! Thanks 4 sharing a BIG SMile with Me! Love&SMiles Tim

Anonymous said...

Very good editing and photography, Josh!

Casey said...

Thats awesome... looks like a lot of fun. I have never been able to hula hoop... just not coordinated like that I suppose.

I love the music selection for this video.

Edro Edro said...

Girl, I almost saw your hoohoo there for a second!

Way to work that hula hoop... =)