Friday, June 13, 2008

The Adventures of Mimiverne & Whirley

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Here is the long anticipated video of Casey's trip to Philadelphia a few weeks ago. We had such a great time together. When we finally get a chance to star in our own sitcom, I think the intro will go something like this!

I hope you have an exciting (or relaxing) weekend planned. I am very excited because my Dad and his lady friend, Dawn, are driving up to visit us for the weekend. They should be here any minute, so I better run.

Have a great day. I love you and hope to talk to you soon!

Love & Harmony,

Joshuwa Funk


Edro Edro said...

You crazy, crazy boy. I'm sure those Minute Men loved those hot legs of yours! =)

Casey said...

Josh has to be the best video editor I've come across... I have to have an 'assistant/editor' do all that for me...

I'm a little biased in that I'm featured in this video... but it was truly a lot of fun... it doesnt come as natural to me to be so cam friendly/silly as it does Whitney.

You rock, gurl! I'm sure you'll have a great time with your dad... it's the perfect weekend for that!

Casey said...
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Anonymous said...

This was so much fun. I wish you did more videos, but good ideas (and good friends) don't come every day. No one wants those deplorable YouTube "talking head" videos.

That's so great that your dad is visiting.

Rick Watson said...

Fun video! Well, let's see, Mimi is Laverne and Whitney is Shirley! Perfect!