Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Thank You, Indiana, Thank You!"

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Well, the numbers from last nights primaries in Indiana and North Carolina are in, and they aren't quite as impressive as I hoped they would be. My girl, Hillary, did take the win in Indiana by a narrow margin. The Indiana primary was previously referred to as the tie-breaker, but I don't see that it actually breaks any ties. We are basically in the same boat we were in before - no decisive winner. Looking ahead, it doesn't seem like there will be much of a change when all the primaries are said and done. The two candidates will seemingly continue to flip-flop wins back and forth, and divide the delegates evenly within the states. I guess the superdelegates are going to be the deciding factor, and in that instance Hillary better have a pretty strong argument. I'm guessing she still feels pretty confident, given the fact that she has decided to stay in the race. I really want to see her win, but more than anything I'm becoming a little fatigued with the whole ordeal. I am really anxious for a winner to be decided so we can move on to the more important election in November. It will be enjoyable to see Kentucky in the spotlight in the coming weeks. They will hold their primary with Oregon on May 20th. But for now - onto West Virginia!

I hope you guys have a fantastic day. Yesterday and today have been designated as "study days," for us at Temple. I have been utilizing them to do just that - study and finish a few final projects. Tomorrow I take my second final in my Journalism class. Wish me luck! Do I sound like a broken record with all this school talk? Sorry! It'll all be over soon.

Love & Happiness on this beautiful, Wednesday afternoon!



Casey said...

I'm with you on the fatigue part of this primary, and I hate to say it, but I'm feeling like it's really already over.

I cant image that the superdelegates are going to go with our girl considering the noteable pledged/switched superdelegates supporting Obama already.

Regardless, I know that all Hill fans are going to support the Democratic nominee regardless. I just cant wait to get the Rethugs out of the White House.

Good luck studyin!

Anonymous said...

It's incredible that you are undertaking the whole school thing at 29. I mean, I'm impressed by that. I think your life choices have been good ones.

Just got back from another bike ride. I am enjoyin' the hell out of summer, and it hasn't even started.

Dining out for life is in Baltimore in September, so we might go. By then, of course, I will be be a cadaver in sunglasses from all this biking. There won't be anything but my cheekbones ...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with finals!

Jeff and Charlie