Thursday, May 8, 2008

Overheard in Philadelphia: "The Western Ear"

Hello.Hey, Bloggy Friends!

Recently Alan and I were starving, so we decided to check out an Indian restaurant near our home. When we walked through the door we were facing the counter, where a woman was picking up a to go order. Before she turned to go she had the gall to complain about the Indian music that was playing overhead. She looked at the waiter behind the counter and said, "I don't like this music, I don't think you should play it here. It isn't suited to the Western ear."

The pretentiousness of the comment left me a little stunned. Part of me wanted to say something, as a Westerner who didn't find the music offensive, but I refrained out of embarrassment for her. I couldn't see how she could take herself seriously. Luckily, the waiter didn't seem to understand what she said, so there was a moment of dead silence all around before she turned to leave. It was a little awkward, but hopefully it gave her a minute to think about the ridiculousness of what she said.

The audacity of some people! I just couldn't believe that she would walk into an Indian restaurant and complain that they were playing Indian music - and she was only there for a few minutes to pick up an order to go! What did she expect to hear, Kenny G?

I just thought that was a little funny, so I thought I would share it with you today!

I'm off to take my second final! This one is in my journalism class. I feel pretty prepared. I'm so eager to get it finished and wipe my hands clean from one more class. Two down, three to go!!

Have a great day, Bloggy Friends! Enjoy the music!



Casey said...

What a rude lady.

Good luck on the Journalism exam. I'm counting on an A! I'm especially interested in that specifically considering I have a degree in Journalism/PR.

Anonymous said...

Sitar music always makes me enjoy my Indian food more!!!!

Good luck with your final.

Edro Edro said...

You should've smacked that ho!

Sending good vibes for your finals =)

rick said...

That's a bit shocking what the lady said. She's obviously an arrogant, ignorant, inconsiderate, dumb bitch.

hope you do well on the finals!