Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oh I wish, but Whitney just isn't on tour at the moment.

Hellohey, Bloggy Friends!

One day I will see Whitney and not only that - but one day I'll sing with her on stage! I have always envisioned myself singing one of her songs on a television broadcast, tribute special when I make it big and famous. Look out for that one! :)

She is currently in the studios making her highly anticipated comeback album, which is due out around Christmas. I'm sure I don't even have to tell you how excited I am for that!

In other diva news:

-Did you guys watch Dolly perform on American Idol last night? She wore a headset and I think that just screwed it up. She didn't know what to do with her hands except throw them around everywhere. She is always fabulous, though, and I love her. The contestants did a cover of "9 to 5," which was a little too campy and just plum atrocious!

-Mariah Carey hit number one again on the charts with her new single "Touch My Body!" This makes her 18th #1 single, which beats out Elvis' previous record! She is now two behind The Beatles and says that she will never compare herself to them or Elvis but "this is a big day for women and minorities." That's right Mimi, butter people up to ensure you hit #1 three more times to be the highest selling artist EVER! Congratulations!

-Whitney still holds the title of the highest selling soundtrack of all time for "The Bodyguard."

I hope you guys have an awesome day! It is sunny and beautiful here. Spring is definitely peeping it's little head around the corner. Tune in tomorrow to finally see what the big surprise is! Have I just been pulling your leg all week to have something to write about everyday??? We'll see tomorrow!

Love you guys!


Enjoy this video that I did after a previous poll! It is an imitation of Whitney from Being Bobby Brown. Holla!


TrainingtoTri said...

So you're getting a puppy!?! fun!

And my mom is doing okay. As good as can be expected. She was married 33 years, so I think she's feeling pretty lonely. Even though her and my dad never really got along, there was always someone else there. She keeps herself busy with her 1000000 pets though. She's still not to the point where she is ready to clear any of this stuff out or anything like that. I'm sure it will be years before she finds her own place.

TrainingtoTri said...

um I meant own place in the world, not like place as in house.

tracie said...

i was sooooo hoping it was seeing whitney! :( when i was a little girl i wanted to be just like her when i grew up. thankfully i didn't marry my own bobby brown. ;)

can't wait tomorrow's post - there'll be pics right?

Casey said...

I sooo cant wait to see Whitney sometime (hopefully) soon.

Dolly is forever a diva, but the American Idol performance just wasnt up to par. The song is not quite as long and preachy on the album. I prefer to the album cut.

Yes! Congrats to Mimi... I was so thrilled to hear that. You know she's going to keep bringing the hits.

Anonymous said...

If it had not been for your "Bob-BEEEEE!" video we would never have met! That was my first exposure yer thang.

The poll was fun and I enjoyed it. And, you know ......

I LOVE TERRIERS!!! So bring it on bitch. Hit me with it hard tomorrow baby.