Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chilly Willy the Joshquin: Random Toots

Hellohey, Bloggy Friends!

I was so optimistic about the weather this morning when I left my house that I wore a t-shirt under a light hoody. I mean, the sun was beaming, the birds were singing. It had to be warm!

Well it wasn't. By the time I got outside I was already pushing for time, so I just didn't have a chance to run back in and put on something warmer. Otherwise, I would have missed my train, missed my class and my whole day would have just went to poopy balls.

Now as the day progresses I am still out and about and it is only getting colder. I feel like Chilly Willy the Penguin. Do you guys remember that cartoon? It came on in the middle of Woody Woodpecker when we would get home from school. I just loved him. I can still sing the theme song to this day - and I do whenever I catch that dreadful chill.

Wherever you are Bloggy Friends I hope you are warm and cozy. Chilly Willy seemed warm and cozy even when he was laid up in his little igloo. I guess that penguin skin helps insulate the warmth. I don't have penguin skin, though, so I have to just tough it out until I get home.


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Casey said...

Wow... I had totally forgotten about Chilly Willy but as soon as you mentioned the song, it came back to me before I even watched the clip.

What a stroll down memory lane.