Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Just joking! Did I have you there for a minute??? :)

Hey Bloggy Friends!

Today begins my countdown to the big surprise that I will be announcing at the end of the week. Each day I will be moving through the choices that aren't correct, before reaching the big one on maybe Thursday or Friday.

My Bloggy Friends know me pretty well. Vancouver is an awesome city, but there are no plans for us to move there at the moment. While it would be an exciting opportunity, right now is just not the best time for that. Alan just started his new job and I am finishing my first semester at Temple - it would be crazy for us to pick up and put it all on hold all over again! I guess if the option did come up I would be all for it, though. My bloggy friends know I love a challenge!

I hope you guys are having a nice week. So far it has been a muggy, rainy one in Philadelphia. School is going very well. I have some grades coming in from past assignments and am proud to say I am averaging a solid A in all of them! It feels good be moving along and especially to be doing well. I registered for my Fall classes this week. It looks like I will have a pretty good schedule - but we'll talk about that another day.

Have a good one and tune in tomorrow!

Love you all,


Enjoy this short slideshow of a few pictures from my first visit to Vancouver in 2003, with my friends Matthew (dark hair) and Aaron (red hair). We had such a great time that the three of us returned in 2006!


Casey said...

Can't wait for the big reveal! I cant wait to check out Vancouver one of these days.

Glad you are doing well in school. Honestly, I was the same way when I went back to school... it's a lot easier when your focus isnt on partying.

Edro Edro said...

Glad to hear you're not taking off out west again -- we just got you back in the area (relatively speaking). I'd love to visit Vancouver though. Ty and I are going to do a Seattle/Vancouver trip sometime soon.

Ditto the school thing with you and Casey. I maintained a 3.9 and graduated summa cum laude after going back -- hard to believe I flunked out with a 1.8 the first time around! Yikes! There are many benefits with growing up a bit. =) I'm going back full-time to work on my master's this summer so wish me luck!