Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buenos Aires?

Nope. Not as of today anyway!

Hi Bloggy Friends!

While a trip to Buenos Aires would be fabulous, we don't have any such thing planned at the moment. My friends Casey and Hal went last year. The pictures and videos they shared has totally made BA one of my most desired travel destinations. Maybe we'll make it sometime soon. Besides a few small trips, we haven't made any huge vacation plans for the year. We have talked about it, though, and may come up with something in the near future.

So we're down to two options! Is it Whitney? Is it a puppy? Could it be both? or neither? Maybe I am just collecting data for a project in my statistics class!?!! You never know. Tune in tomorrow to find out more! :)

I hope you guys have an awesome day. I haven't ventured out into the world yet, but I can see through my windows that the sun is shining bright. This makes me very happy, following two days straight of rain and gloom. Did anyone see Dolly on American Idol last night? I thought she looked fantastic. That's the best I've seen her look in a long time. For a while there I was worried that she had maybe two or three too many surgeries - but it looks like she has pulled it together, just like Dolly always does. I love her!

Have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow!

Love, Josh

P.S. Enjoy this fabulous video that Casey and Hal made following their trip to BA last year. I hope it's ok that I post it, Mimi!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the good grades! (Sorry, I'm just catching up.)

I hadn't seen this video of Casey's. I have some weird memories of Recoleta.

Can't wait for those puppy videos! (Or the reincarnated WH.)

Casey said...

Ha! I havent watched the Buenos Aires video's in several months.

Everyone should definitely visit BA sometime sooner rather than later (to take advantage of the great exchange rate)!

Still anxious for the big reveal!!!

Casey said...

OMG! Two minutes after I posted that last comment, they showed a video clip on the news of the lightning last night in Philly. Quite impressive!

Rick said...

what's the big surprise? what's the big surprise? Tell us! Tell us!