Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Weekend: Exploring The Past and Future!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

We didn't really go into our weekend with any plans this time around. We were so busy last week that the weekend crept up and we really would have been fine just taking it easy. When Saturday came, though, we started getting restless. By the time noon rolled around we had already decided that we would take a short trip to Valley Forge, a nearby historical landmark. We have been wanting to check it out for a while, so now that the weather is warmer we made the trek!

I love history and have read several novels about the Revolutionary War (okay, I read one about Martha Washington). I couldn't wait to see what this place was all about. We ended up tackling an eight mile walk throughout the course of the day! By the end our feet were hurting and we were S-T-A-R-V-E-D. We did see a lot of great stuff, though. It's a great park that I totally recommend a visit to anyone who is a lover of history. My favorite part was taking a tour inside Washington's actual headquarters. The building is still standing and is totally in tact, besides a few minor adjustments. It was surreal to think that George and Martha were once standing in the same rooms I was in! Click HERE for more pictures of our adventure into the past!

On Sunday Alan coaxed me into going with him to The Franklin Institute downtown. This is the local science museum, and they are housing a huge Star Wars exhibit that he has been wanting to see since it first came out. I'm not big into science museums, because they are usually jam-packed with kids. This time was no exception, but I just tried to ignore it and enjoy myself. I was actually very excited to see the Star Wars exhibit. My Dad showed me these movies when I was a tater tot and I LOVED them. I had all the toys and watched the movies over and over and over again throughout the course of my childhood. It still brings back fond memories, so it was great to see all the relics from the movie set. My favorite part was actually meeting a Storm Trooper and getting a picture with him! Besides Princess Lea, the Storm Troopers were my favorite! I loved how they were all white and sleak and how their feet clinked on the spaceship when they were running! Click HERE for photos of our adventure into the future!

I hope you guys are all set for a fabulous week. I wasn't very good about posting last week because I had a lot of work to do at school (i.e. three papers and a mid-term!). I should be in a more relaxed state this week so I can get caught up on everything else. Stay tuned later this week when I reveal our big surprise! I few of you (Casey and Bill) have made some good guesses. But I won't spill the beans a minute too early!! :)~

Have a great day and enjoy the video!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

Hey! I grew up (8th grade through graduation) in Valley Forge Apartments, across the highway from the Visitor's Center. There is actually a small town at the foot of the hill called Port Kennedy, and in the teens and 1920s would you believe movies were made there? No kidding, it was a film town!!!

Love your sweater/outfit in the photo with the Star Wars character.

Casey said...

Glad to see the Valley Forge stuff since I might possibly be spending a week there!

The Star Wars stuff was cool too. You should've had one of those Storm Troopers off those pesky children though :)

Rick said...

are you telling me george and martha did it in that blue bedroom??? myyyyy what history!

TrainingtoTri said...

OH wow, what a fun weekend you had! I'm jealous. Maybe I'll coax the hubby out of hibernation and hit of the new and improved Cleveland botanical garden and art museum soon.

Edro Edro said...

Revolutionary War Historical Sites were never so fabulous!