Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Had A Wanda Sykes Saturday!

Hi, Bloggy Friends!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. On Saturday we took a trip to Atlantic City for an overnight stay. For Valentines Day, Alan got me tickets to see Wanda Sykes in Atlantic City this weekend. I am a huge fan of her comedy. I seriously think she may be the funniest person I have ever heard in my life. She was playing at the same casino we saw Diana Ross, the BORGATA.

She didn't go on until 11 pm, so we had a whole day to knock around Atlantic City. We went to dinner at a delicious cuban restaurant called CUBA LIBRE - which is right in the heart of downtown AC. The meal was delicious overall, despite the small portion sizes. Isn't it funny how it seems the more you pay for a meal - the smaller it gets! Geez. I did enjoy their house-made rum selection!

At 11 we made our way to the Borgata to see Wanda in one hilarious show. She stayed on for nearly two hours straight! I'm not lying when I say I had a smile on my face the WHOLE time. She kept the crowd in stitches for real. If you guys are ever in need of a good two hour laughfest - I suggest you get on the computer and find out when Wanda Sykes is coming to a town near you! I love this girl!

Anyways, I made a video of our day that includes a short clip of Wanda, you can enjoy that below! I had to choose the clip with the least offensive language - for my mom and family who tend to get a little offended. I made separate videos of Wanda's opening act KEITH ROBINSON, a segment of her talking about WORKING ON A GAY CRUSE and another on THE GOVERNMENT. Click the perspective links to check them out! They are all great clips, so I highly suggest you check them out. There is some offensive language, though, so consider this a fair warning!

In other news - diva extraordinaire MIMI had a very exciting Saturday himself. In his most recent post he talks about the diva he saw at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday Night. Be sure to check that out!

I hope you guys have a great start to the week, Bloggy Friends. I look forward to talking more with you as the week progresses.

Love you all!



Casey said...

Gurl... this is one of your best video clips. I loved, loved, loved it!!! The editing was fagulous.

You need to switch your career focus to electronic media. You're a genius.

I am a big Wanda fan. I was so sad that "Wanda at Large" didnt get more attention. The posted clip you have made me almost spit out a beverage. It was hilarious. I love her & cant wait to see her.

Thanks for the Opry shout out. I promise to have a clip of Loretty in the next day or so.

Rick said...

loving the badu wig! how funny sikes is joking about Activia! i just bought, for the first time, last nite at the grocery.... Activia!

omg... if it has this effect, then i might have to question it! talk about a blow out!

question.... did you wear that wig to the wanda show? i'm surprised she didn't call you out!

TrainingtoTri said...

Oh my I love, love, love me some Wanda Sykes. She is so hilarious. Have you ever heard the crank yankers she did where she calls and auto shop and says she picked up her car and there was a turd in the back seat? It will make you pee your pants.

Anonymous said...

This is SUCH a fun video! I loved the comedy, though I was not familiar with Wanda before this. I'll check out the others too.

I envy you guys in Atlantic City. Your day sounds like it was soooooo nice.

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing more of your blogs! I don't think my vote will be the winner since I'm the only one who picked it! LOL! Email us sometime! Hope all is well with you and the family!
Jeff and Charlie

Edro Edro said...

Great video! I love the wig! Is that one of the old wigs that we used to cruise Lancaster in? The baby held up well if so.

Just got back in from the cruise late last night. I'll get a blog and some pics up ASAP!