Saturday, March 22, 2008

A New Poll!

Hi, Bloggy Friends! I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. We have some fun plans tonight that I will share with you soon. Meanwhile, check back to Casey's blog in the next few days to see which Country Queen he is going to see tonight at the Grand Ole Opry. We're all chomping at the bit to find out! That bitch better get a picture!

My main reason for posting now is because I have a new poll up! I told you recently that I have a surprise coming up that I am very excited about. It looks like it's going to work out, but I thought it would be fun to see if maybe you could guess what it is!?!?!

The poll is just to the right of this post. I know the color of the font is a little hard to see, but I couldn't find another color that looked good with the rest of the blog. If you look close enough you can see what it says.

Have a fun weekend, Bloggy Friends. I'll talk to you soon!

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

How fun! You brighten my life, bitch. It was down to Whitney or Yorkie for me. I better not say what made up my mind, right?

Oh please! RED (esp. orange-red) would have worked with the blue-greens in the blog layout!

See you soon!

Casey said...

Thanks for linking to my blog.. I've posted my thoughts on the show already, but the pics will come a little later. I can't be bothered with pic & video editing myself, so I'm at the mercy of my dear assistant. :)

BTW... all of those surprise options are fantastic. I was torn between the Yorkie & Vancouver.

I'd love to havce a friend to visit there... but my final guess was a Yorkie. I cant wait to find out!!!