Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar De La Booooring!

Hi Bloggy Friends!

Did you guys catch the Oscars last night? What a yawn, huh? I watched the whole thing, but thank goodness for tivo, I was able to fast forward through much of it. I'm not sure what the problem was - perhaps with the writer's strike there wasn't as much time to plan for it as they have had in previous years. Jon Stewart was great, but there were way too many video montages from years past.

My favorite moments of the evening were when Diablo Cody won as a screen writer for "Juno." It was neat to see a person just like you and me hit it "big." I could tell how thrilled and appreciative she was. That's always nice.

I was also thrilled to see Marion Cotillard win for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose". I was shocked to see how young and pretty she was outside of the movie. They really did a job of making her up for the role. If you haven't seen this movie, Bloggy Friends, make it a must-see on your Netflix queues!

My own personaly style award goes to Heidi Klum. I thought she looked radiant in her red dress, though I'm not sure what she was there? She doesn't have anything to do with the movies, and neither does Seal?

I have been watching the Oscars since I was a young child. I used to get all dressed up and set up a whole viewing area for my brother and I when they used to come on. We would clap for the winners and cry during emotional acceptance speeches. I wasn't too thrilled by them this year, but I guess I will cut them some slack because of the whole strike thing. It just seemed a little hurriedly put together.

I thought the Grammys were MUCH better.

Have a great night, Bloggy Friends!

Love, Josh

In honor of Black History Month I would like to dedicate this blog to the fabulous Ms. Hattie McDaniel. Ms. McDaniel was the first African-American to win an Oscar for her portrayal of "Mammy," in "Gone With The Wind". Hattie McDaniel took a lot of heat for constantly portraying "stereotypical" black characters, but I believe she deserves mad props. She is one of my favorite big screen personalities ever! Check out the footage below of her big, history-making night!


Edro Edro said...

Mammy! You did a tribute to Mammy! =)

I didn't watch the Oscars. I guess b/c I just wasn't super interestered by any of the nominated movies. I was thrilled to hear Diablo Cody won (I.LOVE.JUNO), but I was bummed Ellen Page didn't win.

How come I never got invited to those Oscar parties back in ol' Lancaster?

Anonymous said...

How much I love that story of you and Derek watching the Oscars as kids!!! Makes it seem like you built a little bandstand with bunting and fold-away chairs. How seet and totally perfect! Never change.

Well, I didn't see Oscars either. I just recently watched "La Vie" but was not blown away as was my partner Gary. I hated the "dark" filmography. It was nice, "Gurl, git some LIGHT up inside of there."

Rick said...

i watched the whole oscar show while doing chores. i knew little about the movies, but enjoyed the glam of it all. the old hollywood set design was great. the ladies in all their color were nice to see. katherine heigl was my fav! marilyn? kidman was statuesque as usual in here simple black. someone was wearing a purple versace with a little maribou like stuff around the neck. she's young and beautiful cant remember her name. she deserves an honorable mention.

mr clooney was so very sexy and funny and good looking and from kentucky!!!

jon stewart did a wonderful job. he was very entertaining.

i remember when i was young my uncle and i would get together and pretend we were in the audience at the AMAs, Oscars and the Grammys complet with applause of course. we would even throw on a little frock to spice up the mood! can you see me in a frock at 12 y/o? i have stories gurl, so many stories!