Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poor Butterfly.....

Hi, Bloggy Friends! I hope you have had a fantastic weekend. It's Sunday now and time to start thinking about getting into the groove for another week. Is anyone watching the Oscar's tonight? I can't wait! Doesn't it seem like there is a lot less hype over it compared to other years, though? Maybe I've been too busy to notice.

We had a great weekend, especially on Saturday. We went downtown to meet Alan's Aunt Judy at my new favorite tea lounge called T-BAR. After sipping on a delicious cup of Matcha we headed over to The Philadelphia Theatre Company to check out M. Butterfly. Oh, Bloggy Friends, it was amazing! I have seen some entertaining shows in Philadelphia, but I must say that none of them stack up to this one. It was so beautifully stage, masterfully acted and just plum thrilling! It was a long show, but my eyes were glued to the stage the whole time. Due to my connections to the theatre (wink), we had the best seats in the house - fourth row, dead center. I was so happy to be able to take Judy (Alan's aunt), who also really loved it. I am officially recommending it if you ever see that it comes to your area - you must check it out!

After the show we thought we would follow it up with a nice dinner in Chinatown. I can't remember the name of it, but it was delicious. It was nice to sit and chat about the show over good food and a nice bottle of wine. I love spending time with Judy. We had some heated political discussions, which has become my new obsession. She's a great lady, and I hope we continue to see her from time to time.

When dinner was over, and the waiters were shoving us out the door to open the table up, we went to another Philadelphia treasure called NAKED CHOCOLATE. Oh, Bloggy Friends, when you come to visit me we are going straight to this place. They have a ton of chocolate delicacies on the menu, from truffles, to cakes, to chocolate drinks. I had a drink made up entirely of melted dark chocolate. Can I just tell you I had about 13 orgasms while sitting there drinking it! It was fantastic and I can't wait to take you there!

Did you guys watch the return of Saturday Night Live last night? As you may know it has been in re-runs since the writer's strike began. For the most part it wasn't much to talk about - but there was one moment that I really enjoyed. Luckily, I found it on YouTube, so I am able to share it with you today.

I hope you guys have a great Sunday. I have my first exam tomorrow in my Sociology class. I think I am pretty well prepared for it, but I am going to spend the day studying. I am a little peeved, because I just looked at the class website and saw that the professor decided to change it from a completely multiple choice test to a short answer/essay type test. So now I am going to have to be sure that I know everything back and forth, sideways, underneath and upside down. I'm not happy about it!


Have a great day and I'll talk to you guys soon!

Love you all!



Rick said...

oh i love your 'blue butterfly'! (hint)

i'm watching the oscars now, doing laundry and dishes while it's on.

i have my first test in sociology this week too! it's a 3 part -- multiple choice, T/F, and essay. i think i'll be okay. good luck with yours gurl!

i'm excited about visiting all these little cute places you mention on the blog along the way during my visit coming up soon!

luv ya!

Edro Edro said...

I've recently developed an obsession with dark chocolate (strangely when I was a kid I hated the Special Dark candies in the Hersey's Miniatures bags -- I was a Mr. Goodbar man). Anyways, I can't wait to visit you and go get Naked in Chocolate... errr, go to Naked Chocolate. Maybe this summer?