Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Exturkeyganza!!!

Hello Bloggy Friends!!! It's great to see you guys back after the long, holiday weekend. We had such a terrific time on Thanksgiving. I must say, that this is probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings since I left home. This is also the very first Thanksgiving Alan and I spent together. It was great.

Thanks to Bloggy Friend Bill, we found out about a Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant called The Valley Green Inn. Let me tell you, it was the perfect place to spend the holiday. The weather was out of this world gorgeous and the food was double delicious!! The Green Valley Inn is nestled in the Wissahickon Valley of Fairmount Park, so the scenery was breathtaking. The colorful trees were shedding their leaves, the creek was flowing gently and there was a constant hum of happy people milling about the grounds. After we cleaned our plates we took advantage of the park area, hiking along trails and crossing cobblestone bridges - not to mention stopping to bust a move every now and then!!!

I have so much to be thankful for, Bloggy Friends, and I spent every minute of Thanksgiving day reflecting on that. I hope you did the same, because I know you are all very blessed and grateful as well.

I guess I should take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you who stop by to see my blog everyday and thank those of you who write your own blogs, providing me the perfect diversion from a hectic day! It's always nice to stop and smell the bloggy friends!

Have a great day and I'll see you soon!

Love, Josh


bill said...

Oh this video made me feel so good. No kidding I was so worried you might not enjoy VGI or that something wouldn't go well for your 1st T-giving. I haven't been there since '88 or so and the shots of the place brought back memories.

It was nice to see Alan again. I kind of missed him from the road trip videos. Thanks for hollah about my website. Now I'll have to go back into it and get all that Existential gloom & doom offa there gurl! :)

You were really shakin' some sweet potato there at the end Josh!!! Great music selection (as always). SO glad you enjoyed the meal and the day!!!

TrainingtoTri said...

So fun! I love the part at the end when Alan joined in, he is so cute! Glad you enjoyed your meal, it looked yummy. I am a sucker for buffets! Yum ,yum. Looks like a good place to go when I come visit!

Rick said...

oh what a romantic, sweet holiday! the country there looks very peaceful. i loved the little boy skipping down the road. he is soo cute and funny!

i agree with trainingtotri... alan is so cute! i'm glad he out-danced your skinny ass!

anyway.... take care of the pussies and xmas is just around the corner! xmas in KY!

hey, send some video of the kitties. i wanna see!


Casey said...

OMG... this was a classic... I'm so glad y'all had a great holiday together. The place looked so quaint!

You're bloggy video's never cease to amaze me with their genius... you need to be in film school, gurl!

Everyone else above beat me to my other comments :)

Eddie Mullins said...

Your bf and my bf dance the same! How cute are they!?!?

Glad you had a good turkey day (even if it was turkey-free)! =)

See ya soon, Mammie!

E-Speed said...

OMG you are just too cute. I loved the dancing in the park scenes. And it was so cute when your man got in on the dancing too. You guys are adorable!