Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Bonus Footage: Talkin' With Mamaw

Hi Bloggy Friends!

I had a little extra Thanksgiving footage that I just had to share with you. Whenever a holiday comes around one of the first people I call is my grandmother, I call her Mamaw. She is quite a character and I always love chatting with her. She can be so funny on the telephone. When I was in high school my friends would make me call her just so they could hear her talkin' away. We usually like to sing together, especially when Christmas comes around, but this year she just wasn't having any Christmas carols yet. She was being a diva I guess!

I love her so much, she is definitely one thing that I am most thankful for in my life. One of my fondest memories of her was when I was a senior in high school. She grew up on a farm in Lancaster called "The Rice Farm." They didn't grow rice, I guess someone once owned it named Mr. Rice. Anyways, she still goes out to The Rice Farm to take hikes and explore the valleys where she grew up. It is one of her favorite things to do. But, this particular year she took my brother and I out walking with her once each month of that year so that we could see for ourselves the vast changes that took place throughout all the seasons. There were certainly days that she had to drag us out of bed to hike, but we did it and I am enormously glad that I did. She led us down secret passages, sang us songs from her childhood and shared countless stories that she has collected over the years. She knew just when every particular bird would fly in or out for the season - and could even distinguish them by their calls. Those twelve hikes were twelve of the most fantastic days of my life. These are moments that I will cherish in my heart for as long as it beats.

Enjoy my little conversation with Mamaw and the little extra piece of footage I have at the end from the land around The Green Valley Inn. Oh! HERE are some pictures we took that afternoon, too!

I love you, Bloggy Friends!


Today's song is one of Mamaw's favorites:

Wildwood Flower
The Carter Family
Can The Circle Be Unbroken?: Country Music's First Family


bill said...


I was raised largely by my grandmother and her two sisters. So I grew up in a house with three old ladies I adored. This video strikes a chord in me.

TrainingtoTri said...

How sweet! I love mammaws. You know your from KY if you call your granny mammaw.

TrainingtoTri said...

Something about that video made me tear up! I really miss KY sometimes...only sometimes though.

Michael said...

Gosh...how amazingly sweet your Mamaw is! I could just feel all the love she has for you when she picked up and heard your voice on the other end. It's just such a blessing to have people like that in your life.

BTW - I just stumbled across your blog this past week and I love, love, love the videos that I have seen so far. Especially your travels across the country. Being a Philly boy, I'm sure your going to have many great times here.

Casey said...

I had a problem viewing this clip at first, so my apologies for the comment delay...

That was so cute... reminded me of talking to my grams... I think I use to call mine memaw too when I was younger. Your's seems really sweet.

I have a funny Thanksgiving great-gram story... I was helping her out to the car and carrying her purse... she jokingly asked if I was a "Sissy"... I just let it go... but wanted to say...well, what do you think? hehe