Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Musical Theater..... Wednesday...

Good morning, Bloggy Friends! I originally recorded this piece to call it Musical Theater Thursday, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'll be too busy stuffing my grill to post bloggy videos. It's a little something different that I thought I'd try to spice things up a little!!! Cha-Cha-Cha!!

The music comes from this music textbook I got a year or so ago while taking a voice class at City College. It has been lying around, so I thought I would put it to use and learn a few new songs! Singing is one of my favorite things in the world, so I hope you enjoy!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Bloggy Friends. I'm not sure what we will be doing tomorrow, but on Friday I will be having dinner with Alan's aunt and uncle who live here in Philly. This will be the first time I have met anyone in his family, so I am a little nervous. I have intentions of getting footage for a bloggy video, without freaking them out of course. We'll see what happens!

What are you guys doing for the holidays? Traveling? Having friends over? Singing Christmas carols? Gonna brave the crowds on BLACK FRIDAY? I'd love to know!

Have a great rest of the day. I'll see you after the long break. Have a great one!!!

Love, Josh


TrainingtoTri said...

They put a nice park in by boyle county high school - so I'll run there. I can't watch your videos at work b/c they are blocked, but I look forward to this one! I love theatre.


Casey said...

Gurl! That was straight out of broadway... I loved it.

How exciting for you to meet some of Alan's family. I look forward to hearing about it.

I'm headed to East TN (Athens--the Friendly City, unless you're gay)... to see my family, but I'll be back in Nashville on Saturday. (btw, my mp3 player is on random songs & Whitney is playing at this very moment!) Cant we just get it back?

bill(ie Holiday) said...

GURL ... come Sunday, oh come Sunday ... that's the day (Mahalia)!

Happy T-giving and good luck Friday. :)

Eddie Mullins said...

Mammy, that was fabulous! Don't let those crackaheads hold you down.

Good luck with Alan's family. I'm sure they'll love you. I'm taking Ty home to Paint Lick for our first holiday with my parents. Yikes!

hal said...

Love love loved Musical Theatre Wednesday. I hope it's a recurring event. Your voice is like butter.
Anyway, I'll be doing the holiday with my fam here in Nashville, and enjoying our brand new mattress while Casey is in East Tn suffering in a squeaky old single bed.
Have a great tofurkey day!!!

Love ya!

bill said...

Are those wooden "pocket doors" (about 45% of the way through the video)?!

E-Speed said...

awwe you have a great voice. I just love that you literally sing and dance your way through life.