Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bloggin' & Eatin' & Shoppin" and Other Total Randomness!

Hi Bloggy Friends!! One down, and two to go till Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone has exciting, delicious plans for the holidays. I'll be here in Philadelphia with Alan if anyone wants to come have tofurkey with us!

So, lately we have been frequenting the aisles of various stores in the city. Whether it be Target, Loews, Bed, Bath & Beyond or IKEA, we have definitely spent our share of time(and not too mention too much mula). In San Francisco we didn't live near stores like this, so I have to admit, it is fun to have these options once again. I believe, though, that I am ready to shop in more adventurous places, like antique stores, thrift stores and maybe even junk yards, for any other unique pieces of goodness we may find and like.

Anyway, todays Bloggy video touches slightly on our recent shopping escapades and a few other random bits of fun.

I also feature a restaurant that I loved in the video, and I forgot to include the information about it - so here it is:

1608 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 557-9830

This is the best place I have eaten at so far in Philadelphia. It is a delicious, authentic Korean restaurant that serves all kinds of tasty veggie dishes. They even have kimchi, which I admore in all its spicy-ness! It's nothing fancy, we ate at a counter, paid very little and enjoyed it a whole lot!

I would also like to thank everyone for thier suggestions on painting my wall. I appreciate the feedback SOOOO MUCH. I'll defnitely let you know when the time comes to make a final decision.

One more side note. You guys should definitely check out my friend Casey's blog. He just returned from a trip to Buenos Aires and has a lot of exciting stories to tell, and even a few bloggy videos, too. I love it so much and I think you will too. You can find his page HERE, or by clicking his name in my favorite links to the right.

Ok, enough blabbing. Have a blessed day, Bloggy Friends!

Love, Josh


bill said...

OK, I've seen a lot of your videos and this is one of the best. The new opening is Art.

I loved Shirley Bassey as you were walking into Target. OMG.

I'm glad your videos are getting more views - they deserve it :)

Casey said...

Such a fun post. I LOVE the new intro. I'm glad you have the option of shopping at the dept stores now...

Thats for the link to my blog... there's still quite a bit of stuff to post, but it'll come in due time.

Eddie Mullins said...

You crack me up, son.

Your intro scared me a little at first, but then you started vogue-ing and I felt all better.

I love the dance outtakes. We want more dancing! =)

TrainingtoTri said...

I especially loved todays video. THe new intro is bloody brilliant and I laughed when you had Hey Big Spender playing - that was too darn cute. You are a really good video editor josh, have you ever thought of going into the tv field? I majored in electronic media and worked at a tv station for awhile, it was pretty fun.