Monday, November 19, 2007

The Return of the Bloggy Video!

Bloggy videos killed the radio star!

Have a great beginning to a short week, Bloggy Friends!

Thanksgiving, here I come!!!!


bill said...

OMG I have to do a list!

1. I def. think paint the "sofa wall" (hereinafter "SW") lavender, but also thinking maybe the window wall, too. Not all 4 walls, and definitely not opposite walls. So my vote is SW and window wall. But SW alone would be great, too.

2. Love that sofa and chair and pillows!!!!!! That pale green is gorgeous and very restful.

3. Also love the sofa in Alan's room.

4. Incredible (in my opinion) "New England" style bed, though I guess it could be something out of one of the bedrooms in Tara, too. Scarlett gettin' dressed for barbeque at Twelve Oaks. Extravagant and lovely!!!

5. Great that you solved the small bathroom problem with your own dressing area.

Place looks fabulous bitches!

Anonymous said...

I know from past decorating experience that it would be great if you did the sofa wall. Not so sure I would do anything to the other walls though based on the set-up.

I love the new Celine music. I need to buy the CD. I saw her on Oprah not to long ago.

Have a great Thanksgiving and it's looking great!


Rick said...

Gurl, thanks for featuring the beautiful blue butterfly! It's sooo lovely!

I love the sofa and chair. It's hard to see the colors online, but I think painting the sofa wall is a must. However, lavender, I'm not so sure. I'll look at the video again. The whole apt is soooo white. It needs color and more color, but not too much color!

The bed is very nice, and more traditional than I expected. I was expecting a more contemporary approach. Anyway, those bedposts sure will come in handy!!!

What are you doing for TGiving? I've really been thinking about just hitting the road and driving up! But, by now, you probably have other plans, huh? We could drive into NYC for the Macy's TG Parade, which I've always wanted to see at least once!

another thing... plants! get some greenery!
They're such a positive touch in so many ways! They homey up the place very easily.

btw.... you work so hard on your blog, I wish more people would comment! I can't believe Derek, your bitch sister, has never even left a single comment! What is up that little bitch?

... until next time!

Love ya!
The Puss!

E-Speed said...

You are too cute. I found you via Monica (I'm a tri freak in the Cleveland Area)

I say lavender on both the smaller set of walls. I think it would accent nice and the white on the trim will pop a bit. I think the larger walls would be too much color but if you go that way I would just do the one back wall behind the couch.

Note that I have been in my house two years and still haven't had the guts to paint, maybe you will inspire me.

Love the couch and chair!

TrainingtoTri said...

Josh - I freaking love you! You are so fun and I love watching your videos. I vote differently I think it would be neat to paint the wall with the doorway. I love the couch and chair. I really think that I will do a Philly race and come visit you next year. If I came with a friend could we crash on the futon? If you ever want to make a trip here and check out the rock and roll hall of fame, etc. WE have a guest room, but for sure wait until summer, it's cold here!!! Unless you want to come and go skiing.

Hope you have a fabulous T-giving. I will be heading home to Daville and I think we are going to go hiking in Berea. SHould be fun.


Casey said...

Gurl... I'm so glad to have the return of the bloggy video...

I love the new digs... & I definitely am in favor of the Lavender on both small walls... it'll make the chair & the sofa pop... I love that furniture btw...

You're such a diva to have your own 'dressing room' I LOVE IT!!!

I have always loved your bloggy videos and knew it was a lot of work... didnt realize how hard it actually is until I tried (and did) some of my own while in Buenos Aires...

I cant wait to visit the Casa de las Divas in Philly!!!!

Derek said...

Hey bitch, here's your comment.. I think you should paint the sofa wall, not lavender though.. i'm just not into that, its so ...... I just think you'll get tired of that really fast. However i'm not really sure what color to paint it, you'll have to wait til i get there honey. would gold go with that at all or maybe silver? I like your new hair cut though. Also who sent that hideous butterfly magnet.. just kidding puss puss..

Eddie Mullins said...

I vote for just painting the wall behind the couch (which I like very much!) =)

P.S. No more Celine =(

Can't wait to see you at Xmas!

tracie said...

Josh you rock! I love watching your videos!!! Keep em coming!!!!!!!

Oh I'm a friend of Monica's, so that is how I found your blog.

As for painting, I think you should either paint the wall with the sofa OR paint the wall opposite, the one with the TV. However, from what it looks like in your apt, if you paint the sofa wall, it will be visible from all the downstairs rooms and the hall whereas if you paint the TV wall it won't be.

Anyway, have a great T-day and happy painting!