Monday, October 22, 2007

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blogcasting...

Hey Bloggy Friends! I have two more days of road trip footage and that will continue tomorrow.

Today I thought I would show you something else, for a little change. I know we are all tired of those "Leave Britney Alone" parodies, but I was excited to see that someone on YouTube made a collage of some of them and included a piece of my "Leave Whitney Alone" video! His name is NEVER3ST on YouTube and here is what he created. It's pretty funny!

Have a great afternoon bloggy friends. Let's get this week off to a great start!

Love, Josh


bill said...

Yay Josh! I did love the part in your original video where you waved the onion near your eye. A little stroke of genius there.

Love the guy that says "I don't have the emotion ..."

Thanks to you, Josh, I got introduced to CC. For the most part, that's been a good thing. But just like my feelings about Whitney Houston, I am divided about Chris. He has a brilliant, manic energy characteristic of genuine, talented performers. In my opinion, his segments with his grandmother are excellent - really. You can tell they love one another. On the other hand, I'm hoping he's doing black comedy when he says Britney is more important than 911. Poor taste or daring humor (a la Lenny Bruce)? Or just ... a really f**ked up kid?

I find myself wishing him the best but fearing he will crash and burn.

Casey said...

Gurl... you so belong in that piece! Looking forward to more Sugar Road Trip... and then... some Philly vlogs.