Friday, October 19, 2007

Sugar Road Trip - Day Twelve

Hey Bloggy Friends. As promised, I am back today with a new video installment to my Road Trip series! After today there are only two left and they will return after my routine, weekend hiatus!

In today's bloggy video we are driving through the great state of Iowa! It definitely lacked a lot of the extreme land features that we became accustomed to seeing previously, but I have to say that even without all of that Iowa held it's own.

The beautiful, clear day contributed to some pretty pictures. You can check them out by clicking IOWA.

Have a great weekend bloggy friends! Tune in next week to see our final two days of Sugar Road Trip 2007, when we stop in good ol' Chicago and head into our final destination - Philadelphia! The end crept up so fast, I can't believe it's already over!

Love, Josh

P.S. Ashley (from Rainbow Lounge) if you are reading this email me at I lost your email in the move and would love to stay in touch!


sportsfanbill said...

You guys really made a touchdown on that baseball court! Woo-hoo!

"Give to me your leather, take from me my lace." OMG that's all that was on the radio my senior year of college!!!

Anonymous said...

oh now, girls, there's no need to fight-sing; I DO love you like I love her- Burley

Casey said...

Awesome that you got to see the Field of Dreams thing.

I loved the karaoke... was that Alan? I didnt know he did karaoke. You & that lady rocked out "Does He Love You" Awesome, gurl.

Anonymous said...


I thought I'd be seeing the Liberty Bell by now.

Are you still on the road?