Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sugar Road Trip - Day Eleven

Good afternoon, Bloggy Friends!

Here is a video of day eleven of our road trip. Today we drive across South Dakota, stopping at the many sites it has to offer along the way. I become more and more surprised, as we drive along, at the vast difference in terrain and weather conditions. Notice that we are wearing shorts and t-shirts in most of today's video, when just yesterday we were freezing our hind-ends off in the snow! It's funny the way this world works - and I love it!

Here are some pictures of our day in SOUTH DAKOTA

Have a great Wednesday Bloggy Friends!

Love, Josh


bill said...

Now I know what to do in case of rattlers! But there's two or three different movements and sounds happening there, though ... so it's not easy.

Casey said...

Gurl... I cant believe they havent finished carving out the diva's faces at Mt. Rushmore... I'm sure they'll be finished soon.

Gary said...

13 letter word for sexy people,.... BloggyFriends... Ha ha... looks like an awesome trip... Cant wait for day 12...