Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sugar Road Trip - Day Ten

Howdy Bloggy Friends! Join us today as we drive clear across Wyoming, stopping at a few places along the way to see what this least populated state has to offer! As you may imagine it consisted mainly of miles and miles of beautiful open land, rock mountains and a few quaint towns nestled here and there.

Somehow I failed to take too many pictures, but you can see the ones I did take by clicking WYOMING.

Have an awesome day and I'll talk to ya soon!

Love, Josh


Rick said...

y'all nekked bitches! what's next? porno?

the puss!

billcody said...

Totally jealous of your water park fun. Seriously, I'm all pouty and put out now. But I'm happy for you!

I love when Alan prompts Josh with those little factual details. Teamwork!

Seriously, you guys are having a once-in-a-lifetime vacation together and the positive energy is so contagious. Thank you for sharing it!

(I love that Josh's moustasche appears and disappears ...)

Casey said...

I hope that was a Soy Milkshake, gurl... I guess we'll be able to tell the next time we see you naked in some hotsprings!