Friday, October 26, 2007

Gettin' Things Done!

Hey Bloggy Friends! So, since we have been living here in Philadelphia we haven't had too much time to sight see yet. Instead we are doing what we can to get important things done so that we can get settled in to start enjoying the city more. I have been around some though and I can tell you that I really love it so far. I can just feel something in the air that instantly makes me feel welcome. It has such a different feel than San Francisco had, one that is more familiar and comforting. I guess it's because I grew up nearer to this region of the country. There is also a strong feeling of acceptance. People here just seem to have an anything goes kind of attitude. They are warm, helpful and funny!

I'm so happy to be here and i can't wait to familiarize myself with the city after being here a little longer. I just know that the city and the area has so much to offer both of us! I think I have told some of you, but in January I am starting school again at Temple University - I am super excited about that!! Alan started his job and really loves it so far. His office mate is a cute lesbian woman who just had a baby with her partner!

Have a great day Bloggy Friends. I'll see ya'll Monday! Have a fun weekend.

Love, Josh

P.S. I would like thank bloggy friend Bill for all his advice on livng in Philly. Miss Pussy for all the welcoming cards she sent us. and Miss Mimi for putting Philadelphia on her top cities to work in list! Can't wait to see ya, Gurls!


Bill said...

Soooooo comforting to see Salmy Sunday again. OMG - I need it.

Philadelphia: city of my youth! I'm sure the bars I went to are Romanesque ruins now ... (or transformed into Starbuck's).


Casey said...

Gurl, I love the Rabbit... you gays have such good taste!!!

I freaking hate wheelin' & dealin' and car maintenance, but it's a necessary evil obviously in most cities.

Look forward to see the apartment search.

P.S... thanks for the shout out... Shine a light...Shine a light on me...Philadelphia Freedom...

Rick said...

Gurls! The car is soo cute! I can just see you two gay boys zipping around the city in that little thang! Good luck with the apt hunt! Can't wait to see it!

btw... I had my second art show tonite at the Fairness Campaign office on the Frankfort Ave Trolley Hop. I guess I'm gonna have to get serious about this stuff and invest in some framing and matting for a REAL show! Maybe I'll send you two a piece for your new pad!

Love you!
....until next time

Bill said...

Great news about Josh's attending Temple and Allan's job. Forgot to mention that :)

What is your program at Temple Josh?