Thursday, October 25, 2007

Short & Sweet: Thank You!

Hey Bloggy Friends! Before I move on past Sugar Road Trip 2007 I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for stopping by to watch my bloggy videos as we traveled along the way. You became such a big part of my trip and I really appreciate the part you played in the whole process. It was fun to have you along as we created our own little adventure and it was a true blessing to be able to share it with everyone. We had an amazing time and shared an experience together that we will never forget.

America is so beauiful and so are my bloggy friends! Thanks again.




Casey said...

Aww... gurl...thats sweet...

I'm assuming that is the plant that was in the backseat for the cross country journey???

societyhillbill said...

The videos were great. I learned that I like Wyoming. Who would have guessed (I've never been there)?! Your drive through the Rockies, both video and pics, was stunning.

The camera ideas were great, and perhaps my favorite little segment was in Spokane. The pairing of the mechanical "American Patrol" soundtrack with your amble through the famous three blocks was an inspired touch. The San Francisco videos always had great music, but during the road trip you really matched your broad musical taste with some interesting camera work. The effects really worked.

So, you know, a big Thank You back at ya, bitch! (Ha-ha! I never call anyone that! Yeah, I'm totally out of it!)