Saturday, August 4, 2007

House Guests: Trey's Last Day

Wednesday was Trey's last day in town, we got up early to catch the streetcar that took us downtown. We explored parts of downtown and then headed North to Fisherman's Wharf - seeing all else that was in between the two places. It was another gorgeous day outside, we were both sporting a sun-kissed glow by the end of the day. When we got home we were so beat that we filled the tub so that we could soak our aching feet in hot, soapy water and have a relaxing cocktail! It wasn't long before we crashed.

I think I have said this before, but I had a fantastic time while he was in town. I felt a little like I was on vacation too. It was nice to break up my routine somewhat and enjoy parts of the city that I don't travel to often. It's crazy to think that it is already August, my last full month in San Francisco! I'm so excited about the move but feeling a little sad too. If anyone wants to visit before I leave you'd better hurry up! Enjoy the final video of Trey's visit!

I uploaded all the picturs on my Flickr page - Check It Out!

Love, Josh

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Casey said...

What a fun trip! Glad you captured all the footage!!!