Friday, August 3, 2007

House Guests: Trannyshack!

Tuesday night Trey, Matthew & I went to the world famous Trannyshack ( party! Trannyshack is a party, founded and hosted by drag diva Heklina, that is held every Tuesday night at a local bar called The Stud. It was jam packed and the performances were awesome - we had a great time. This was a special night because celebrity (or as Trey says "sublebrity) Justin Bonds, from the movie Shortbus, co-hosted and performed. When the show was over Trey and I snuck into the dressing room to meet and snap a picture with him/her! It was a great show and we had an awesome night. If you are ever in San Francisco I highly suggest you check it out! Enjoy the video!

Love, Josh

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Casey said...

Trannylicious! Shortbus was such a 'unique' film... definitely interesting. That's exciting that you guys got to meet Justin... you're so good at that.