Sunday, August 5, 2007

Poll Results & Reinactments

"While "Hell to the no" is novel (and perhaps another example of Whit's incessant referencing), this one is practical and original. Not just a nutshell example of Whit's Broadway-esque song launching, it's actually a useful, cathartic way to express exasperation. Use it in your daily life. In doing so, you'll see that Whit has redefined her status as the voice of a nation."

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*Bonus Feature*

Here is a hilarious clip I found on Youtube that is a montage of clips from Being Bobby Brown - It displays several of the other sayings that were in the poll. It's pretty hilarious - especially the first few minutes!

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Casey said...

Yes!! So glad that my favorite saying of her's is also the favorite of your bloggy buddies!

Your re-enactment was classic and fagulous.

The Youtube montage makes me very anxious for more Whitney. I cant wait until the comeback album!!! Bring it back soon, gurl!!!