Sunday, August 5, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out!/Making The Rounds, Pt. 3

Last Monday, July 30th, was Alan's birthday! He was out of town, for a conference in Boston, so we didn't have a chance to celebrate until this weekend. We got up early Saturday and had coffee at our favorite coffee shop, then headed downtown to see The Simpson's Movie - which was hilarious! After the movie we were starving, and Alan wanted Italian, so we went to a restaurant that we have been wanting to try for a while now called Emmy's Spaghetti Shack! It is a really fun place that is located in the Outer Mission. The decor was really funky and fun - kind of hipster. The menu was rather small and to the point but it didn't take long to decide what we wanted. I had a delicious crab & avocado salad, with a glass of wine of course, and Alan had a huge plate of spaghetti & meatballs. Everything was super delicious and the dining experience was tons of fun. It is a small place so it got really crowded very soon after we arrived, so we didn't feel the need to stay there very long. I suggest trying it out though if you are in the area!

Here is a birthday video I made for Alan. He has been very busy lately, trying to finish up his PhD program at school. Pretty soon he'll be a doctor! He is really excited to start his position at GSK at the end of September - he has been in school for a looooooong time! Everyone join me in wishing him a very happy birthday!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Wow, gurl... my picture popping up on there was a bit of a surprise. Thanks for the shout-out! Holla!

Happy Belated Birthday to Alan!

Alan said...

Ahh Sugars!!! I love you!

Rick said...

Happy Birthday Alan!
Congrats on the PhD!
Can't wait to see you in Philly!

Josh -- oh yeah, hi Bitch!