Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot Spots: Dolores Park!

Only three blocks from my front door is one of my most favorite places in the city - Dolores Park.

Dolores Park is a beautiful, hilly park that is always full of life and excitement. From the top of the park you can see one of the most beautiful views, of the San Francisco skyline, that the city has to offer. If I'm ever bored I know that I can usually find something going on there, whether it's a fiery peace rally, a dj dance party or a quiet movie in the park.

Dolores Park is also infamous for welcoming an array of bikini clad sun-bathers when the weather is nice and toasty - lending the nickname "Dolores Park Beach" to a certain hill there. Sometimes the view from that point is a little more than you bargained for - if you know what I mean! G-String Central!

I have never lived in a city where the parks have attracted so much traffic and enthusiasm. It still amazes me to look over the hills and see hundreds of people just lounging around enjoying the day. I really hope Philadelphia has amenities such as these to offer. I sure will miss you Dolores Park.

Here is a short video I filmed - I hope you enjoy!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Your editing is fagulous... love it!!...and love the new intro for your talky blogs...

not too much longer until you'll be creating chatty blogs to the tune of "Philadelphia Freedom"!!!

kimi said...

I LUUUUUUUUUUV IT !!!! i wish i could have beent there!! your editing is fabu !! i mean you really make me appreciate my hometown even more. you are the BOMB Joshy !!! luv u