Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time-Warp Tuesday: Christmas @ Dad's (2005)

Hey everyone! I recently thought it would be fun to rummage through some of my old video footage and post them to share with all of you! Thus, I officially declare every Tuesday, on my blog, "TIME-WARP TUESDAY!"

My videos only go back to about 2005, but there are some gems that I thought everyone may like to see! There is no rhyme or reason to the ones I select - it'll be pretty random - so beware, some of you may make a cameo!

This clip is from Christmas 2005 with my brother, sister, father and step-family at my dad's home in Greenville, IN. We always have such a fun time singing, dancing and acting silly. Enjoy!

Love, Josh

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Casey said...

Nuthin like a Kentucky Christmas...even if you were in IN... KY is just like Loretty used to remember. ahhh.....the memories of Butcher Holler.