Thursday, August 23, 2007

Singin' & Eatin' With Good Friends!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

Yesterday my friend Kelly came in from Santa Cruz, so we decided to meet up and do one of the things we love most - go to The Mint for karaoke! My friend Nicole, who you have met before, came along too. We had a ton of fun being silly and acting like divas! I've been going to The Mint for about a year now, it's kind of like my "Cheers." I have several friends there and it's always nice to stop in and sing a song, or sixty, from time to time with everyone.

Afterwards Alan met up with us and we went to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Memphis Minnie's. Memphis Minnie's is famous for it's scrumptious, down home, soul food! Kelly has been asking me to take her for a while, so I took the opportunity when she came back into town. It was so good!

Here is a video I posted of our afternoon. For full versions of my duet with Kimi click HERE, and for my duet with Aldo, click HERE.

Have a great day Bloggy Friends!

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Gurl... since Ross Matthews claims to Voice of an Angel moniker... we have to come up with something similar for you! :)

Oh... and btw...that boy is MINE!

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh
thanks for posting that video its awesome i had so much fun thursday miss you already hope i can see you guys before you leave