Wednesday, August 1, 2007

House Guests: Trey's Third Day

Today Trey and I walked all the way from my apartment to the Golden Gate Bridge, and oh what a hike that was! On the way we passed through some of the best parts of San Francisco. Once we got to the bridge we were too beat to walk all the way across it, so we only walked to the first tier. I have seen the bridge several times, but today was one of the foggiest. It was really beautiful, I hope it comes across in the videos. I'm a few days behind with the blog but I'll be catching up soon. we've been having such a fun time. Wish you all were here too!


Casey said...

OMG... I'd never be able to make that walk. This diva would take a limo, but that's just Mimi.

I absolutely love the random lady who made a guest appearance in the dance blog piece. She got funky!!! YEOW!

Casey said...

Oh yeah... I just realized... that random dancer was Crazy Aunt Lucille... she is Crazy in Alabama... why not in San Francisco???