Tuesday, July 31, 2007

House Guests: Trey's Second Day

Sunday we had a really fun day. We started off at my favorite coffee shop (Kapé @ 16th and Dehon) before we went over to the Mission, to meet Matthew and Xa, for brunch at Foreign Cinema (http://www.foreigncinema.com/). After brunch we shopped around a little and tried to find Twin Peaks so Trey could see the phenomenal view. It was so foggy and windy - but beautiful nonetheless! That night we had dinner at a new restaurant near my home called Farina. I recently saw that it had opened up and have been dying to try it out. We had a great time there, the food was delicious and all was merry - until Trey tipped his wine glass over - leaving Matthew drench from head to toe in red wine! Luckily we were all able to laugh it off and make the best of a bad situation - my friends have such great attitudes! We finished the night at a few bars - Trey got a little tipsy to say the least! Enjoy the video for a visual recap. Love and Peace!

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Casey said...

What a fun Chatty Blog!!! Gurl... I will have to say that I would be able to sing along to the Golden Girls theme without skipping a beat... Trey needs to be confined in a room and view a few seasons of GG's to refresh his memory.

Hope Matthew's shirt came out ok... I would D-I-E!!! I went to a friend's bday party here...he was wearing white pants and a white shirt and he spilled red wine all over himself... it came out though. I was seriously laughing for days though.