Monday, March 8, 2010

My Thoughts on Oscar Night

Hi Bloggy Friends,

Did you catch the Oscars last night? I thought it was a decent production but it would have been borderline hellish without the fast forward button. My main gripe is that the meat of the program was full of awards that I don't care about - like film editing and sound and original score. I know they're important categories but, I'm sure you'll agree, most people tune in for the acting, best picture and directing awards. I wouldn't mind seeing the technical awards if they did a better job spreading them evenly throughout the night, but they hand the best supporting actor prize in the beginning and then cram all the other good ones at the end. What a lame attempt to make sure people stay around until it's over. Boo.

The banter went on a little too long as well. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a great intro and Doogie... I mean Neil Patrick Harris' song and dance in the beginning was fantastic, but the speeches prior to the announcement of best actor and actress were unnecessary. It's already a tad bit annoying to see enormously wealthy people winning awards, but do we really need to hear another speech about how awesome they are?

My favorite speech moment was Sandra Bullock. I love how she tied in funny tidbits when she started to get weepy. I was also touched when she threw "sexual orientation" into the mishmash of unconventionals who still deserve to be loved. My least favorite speech was Jeff Bridges. It was just dull.

Now let's talk fashion. In my opinion, the most striking beauty was Meryl Streep, who set records with her 16th Academy Award nomination. I know her dress was simple compared to many others, but I think she looked absolutely radiant in her draped white gown designed by Project Runway alum Chris March. Remember him?

I've seen people rave about it all day, but my least favorite gown was worn by Zoe Saldana from Avatar. She's an extraordinary beauty, but the purple, froofy dress by Givenchy director Riccardo Tisci just didn't wear well. When she was standing on stage, the slit, which should have been to the side, was jutting right up the middle. It looked like a gaudy pair of bell bottoms Cher would have worn on her variety show with Sonny. I was also slightly offended by Molly Ringwald's look. I think she borrowed her jewelry from Xena Warrior Princess.

The biggest surprise of the evening for me was seeing Kathryn Bigelow take home both the top director and Best Picture trophy for the Hurt Locker. I saw the film a few weeks ago and it didn't do much for me. I can't help being excited for her, though, especially since she is the first woman to walk away with the Best Director award. You go, girl.

What are your thoughts on the evening festivities? I'm always in the mood for some good dish.

Have a great day.

Love, Josh


Bill Fogle said...

We had a great night. My friends from PA/DE came down (two women and a guy). We had an elegant lasagna dinner here (the house cleaned up beautifully ... I was proud of it), then went to their hotel to watch the broadcast.

I agree with most of what you said. Streep was the only truly classy look. She looked like a Angel of Superstardom, like some Dwarf princess out of Tolkien ... radiant and tasteful. She should have been holding a candle and saying things with an otherworldly lisp.

Jeff Bridges' speech was long, incoherent, and his toothless mouth looked like it probably smelled bad whenever he opened it. Our group thought he was drunk (I was drunk, but I wasn't making a speech ... yet).

I like how you knew the gown different designers. Impressed!

I missed the very first part. In fact we didn't get to the hotel until 8:30, so we did miss a lot up front.

I had only seen "Julie & Julia," so I was hoping Streep would win, but this was a terrible divide in my affections for I truly, truly adore Helen Mirren.

I found the technical awards more tolerable than you, and the speeches delivered from past associates of the nominees did not bother me - in fact, I liked it, the format. Some of the mini-speeches were poor, others good.

Molly Ringwald looked like hell. I could relate.

Overall the fashions were so, so disappointing. One of my friends said she felt like there was a weight hanging above the Oscars, that the joy was gone from it.

I liked the hosts - almost soiled myself laughing when they did that scene in the bed.

In conclusion, WHAT was that crap with George Clooney? Can you stand him as little as I can?

Wished I could have watched it with you & Alan as well as my other friends!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the telecast, and probably won't but I can remember hearing yesterday's news saying that winners had been advised to keep their acceptance speaches to 45 seconds. That apparently went out the window. Morrie.