Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sugartown #3: Puppy Potty Place

Hi Bloggy Friends,

We spent a busy weekend moving up to three heavy loads from our old apartment to our new home. Things are moving along nicely. Besides moving stuff we're starting to take care of a few other details, like getting appliances put in and building an area for the dogs outside. You can see it all here, in episode three of Sugartown.

Have a great day.

Love, Josh


Casey said...

Good times. Glad you all are making progress. Alan's potty place for the dogs is great. I loved that you were sitting on the floor while Alan was hanging blinds. That's totally my job too!

Hal's been scraping and mudding the drywall in our living room so we (really he)can paint... and guess what I've been doing? :) Yep.

Derek said...

You lazy bitches need to get up and help!