Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sugar Date Weekend

Hi Bloggy Friends,

What started out as an end-of-the-week date night turned into a full weekend of nothing but "Sugar Time." With everything that's been going on over the past couple of weeks it was nice to take it easy and spend some time together - especially with the start of my semester coming on which promises to keep me busy as a...bullfrog.


Friday night after dinner we went to the Ritz East movie theater in Old City to see 500 Days of Summer. We both liked it a lot. This is a film that would be hard not to like. No, it isn't deep, it doesn't convey any life-changing messages but it was just the type of film we were looking for. It was funny, light-hearted and just plain cute. I recommend it if you are a fan of indie comedies like Juno or Little Miss Sunshine.

Saturday was a lot of fun. We decided to head over to Manayunk to revisit our old stomping grounds. We haven't been back since we moved to Center City nearly a year ago. It was fun to carouse around Main Street, visiting some of the coffee shops, stores and restaurants we used to enjoy. Our mission was to visit the beautiful furniture boutiques Manayunk is famous for. We went in search of inspiration for new pieces we'll be needing when we move into our new home on Juniper Street. We found a lot. We also had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in that area, Le Bus. It's nothing fancy, but we always leave happy after munching on any of their home cooking-inspired entrees. Alan had meat loaf and I had tilapia. They were both delicious. I was shocked when we headed back to Center City, realizing we had spent nearly six hours of our day in Manayunk.

Today we've been out to buy our produce at Reading Terminal Market and to pick up some school accessories I'll be needing for the semester. We're having an early dinner tonight because we're going to see the Galileo exhibit at the Franklin Institute. Galileo (our oldest dog's namesake) is one of Alan's heroes. He's been wanting to see this exhibit since it opened in April but I've been conveniently putting it off for fear of complete and utter boredom. Now we're down to the final week and I can't hold off any longer. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

I hope you have a great week Bloggy Friends. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh

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Bill Fogle said...

You ought to have heard the husky and lusty laugh I gave off when I read how long you've been putting off going to that Galileo exhibit. I had taken a short kitchen break between reading about the exhibit (and checking out the link you gave). When I returned to the monitor, that's when I read that you had been procrastinating it. Like I hadn't thought that, lines before!

I like you so much!

Wow. That day in Manayunk was the first time you & I ever met. I couldn't get over that you were smaller than you appeared in your videos. Unfortunately, I made a comment to that effect as we were saying goodbye and it didn't go over well! Ha-ha!

I remember the one therapist I had (like, for 2 months tops), the one I almost liked, used to say, "Couples polarize." When two people come together as a couple, after a while they bring out the opposite in one another, they begin to define the different ends of the spectrum. Nevertheless, now, when my ex-partner Jose (who was a scientific-type fella like Alan and who I felt back in the day I had *nothing* in common with) calls, all I can feel is how alike we are, how much life experience we have in common, the little mutual references that no one else could understand. (A little heartbreaking. But so it goes.)