Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's A Hot One Today, Bloggy Friends!

Come on in Bloggy Friends.

Can I get you something to drink? A glass of wine? Tea? How about I fluff that pillow for you?

Right now we're chilling (or warming) in our apartment. Sugar is in the kitchen getting our dinner ready, as the sweet voice of Nina Simone soars in the air above us. She is the first person he calls for if I ever ask him what he feels like listening to.

"Ummmm... How about Nina," he'll say.


Besides the unfortunate event I reported yesterday, this has been such an ideal weekend. I'm happy to report that the mercury has finally reached the upper levels in the thermometers. If you guys know anything about me, you'll know that nothing makes me happier than to step outside in shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of flips. I was getting so tired of feeling cold. Oh, so tired.

Friday night was pretty low key, but on Saturday we wore ourselves out traipsing around the city. In our efforts to learn more about the neighborhoods that make up Philadelphia, we made our way over to Northern Liberties. For those of you who know Philadelphia, this is the neighborhood that lies just to the north of Old City, roughly between Spring Garden and Girard Streets.

If you know Chicago, Northern Liberties reminds me a lot of the Wicker Park neighborhood. It's urban, edgy and has a hipster vibe that doesn't push the limits of "too much already!" Huddled in this expansive area are several interesting restaurants and cafes that each seem to offer a nice variety of vegetarian friendly fare. This is definitely something I look for in a neighborhood. My favorite spots were SOY CAFE and THE RANDOM TEA ROOM. At the Soy Cafe I had a delicious Green Tea Smoothie with finely ground green tea, tofu, protein powder and soy milk that's made on the premises. Do you realize this is heaven for me?

I was really impressed. Property value here is very reasonable now, and it only promises to skyrocket in the coming years. There were a few major details, however, that may keep us from considering a home here. For one it's located at a considerable distance from the city, and there isn't one single grocery in the area. We would have to rely on our car, or even a bus on the weekends to head into the city for groceries. Neither of us think it's worth all that trouble. We may not live there, but I'll definitely head back over to Northern Liberties to check out more of the restaurants, and to shop in some of the funky clothing stores.

Later that evening we had dinner with our friend Sarah, then went home to watch like six episodes of Roseanne before going to bed.

It was so hot today. We got our groceries, checked out two open houses, then I went to Shampoo Night Club to perform in the final leg of the singing competition I told you about several weeks ago. We had such a great time. I'll tell you that the experience was definitely a dream come true for me, but I won't reveal the details yet. I've posted a few pictures below, but I plan on posting a video soon of the events. Stop back by to check that out! I'll have another glass of tea ready for ya.

I'm going to run now. Have a great night. Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you real soon.

Love, Josh

Malik, one of the contestants, and I.

Miss Philly Black Gay Pride, Finesse (aka Miss Ross).

The host of Sing Out Strong, Andrea L'amour.

Abigail, looking for some camera time.


Casey said...

Can't wait to hear about the results of the contest!!!

I still heart that cute little Abigail!

Bill Fogle said...

It's 8 p.m. and 91 degrees here in DC. Our super-super expensive central A/C unit once again needs freon and a $300 hug from the plumber before it can start another summer season. Our neighborhood's houses are *just* a little too close together for having all the windows open, and the feeling is a bit like "Rear Window." I have to watch my language and no screaming or doing the "voices" I regularly do.

Nice to read a piece of your weekend heaven. What is Sugar cooking? I'm making pan-broiled salmon with a bunch of crap I chopped up and put on it ... also with wine and butter in the pan. Smells nice right now. And mashed potatoes. Do you know that after a lifetime of making mashed potatoes I changed my recipe on Thanksgiving, when you love birds were down here? I'll bet Alan remembers how I changed the recipe. I had run out of butter. Now, I always do it the way I did that day.

Is this, like, pathetically boring????? I'm sooooo hot.

I love your cats! Both of them remind me of my darlin' "Bit."

How's Alex & Kennedi?

Anonymous said...

Josh ___!

Rick Watson said...

Oh Abigail! What a cute little pussy!

Wow! Finesse is workin' some major cheek bone action!!!!

Rick Watson said...

by the way.... it was hot as hell here in KY yesterday and today! I think a record was broken! 91 today!!!