Saturday, April 25, 2009

A BEAutiful Tribute.

Good Evening Bloggy Friends.

I'm writing you tonight with a heavy heart. Our good pal and confidant, Bea Aruthur, passed away today at the age of 86. Our world has lost a ray of sunshine. We will never be the same. Thank you Bea Arthur for everything you brought to us. You made us chuckle, you made us tap our feet and every once in a while you made us cry a little. I love you. You will truly, truly be missed.

Please bow your head in honor of wonderfully funny lady, a gay icon and an unforgettable entertainer.

I love you Bea; you are golden. I love you Bloggy Friends.



Bill Fogle said...

Sorry sweetie. I know this hits you hard. I'm older, and for me Bea Arthur is more "Maude" than the Golden Girl. But I liked her in that, too.

Do you know her stage show?

Casey said...

I too was sad about this, but what a fascinating life she lived.

I have seen a few episodes of 'Maude,' but it was always latenight after too many drinks. I didn't realize some of the 'at that time controversial' things they did on that show. Interesting.

'The Golden Girls' is one of my all time favorites and something I remember talking about with my paternal grandmother. She was a big time Christian, but obviously didnt mind some of the things they tackled on that show.

Condoms, Rose. Condoms, Condoms, Condoms!!! She'll always be Golden.

Rick Watson said...

Dorothy and Ma, together again..... how sad....