Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mmmmmm, Brains?

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I hope you had a great weekend. Here's what we were up to:

Friday night Alan and I had drinks at Warsaw Cafe before heading to see a play written by our friend Alex Dremann, called Zombie Aesthete. It was one of three short plays in a series about zombies called Mmmmmm, Brains! It's not something we would have typically went to see, but since our friend wrote it we thought we'd go show some support. I'm not surprised that I enjoyed his play, but I am a little shocked that I enjoyed the others. It was a really neat, spontaneous thing to do on a Friday night. Great job Alex!

Saturday we totally vegged out in front of the TV until around 3 o'clock. At that point we got dressed to get out for some dinner. We went to a nothing-to-brag-about Thai restaurant called Tamarind. It wasn't the worst food I've ever eaten, but I doubt I'll ever go back. The weird thing is, we went once before and really enjoyed it. Maybe it was an off night. The good thing is that it was very inexpensive.

After dinner we went to a bar in Old City called National Mechanics, where our friend Janette was having a birthday get together. We had drinks, met some new people and hit up a few other bars in the area. We had a great time. Happy Birthday Janette!

Today we did the us(ual). We got our groceries, played with the puppies at home and made our salmon. Today's menu was salmon with rosemary and lemon, dill-ified new potatoes and steamed brussel sprouts. Delicious. After dinner the weather was so nice, we decided to take a stroll around the city. I actually wore shorts! It was great. We walked over to Society Hill, then to Queen's Village where we had a healthy dessert at Essene Market.

It's been a great weekend. I'm sorry to see it end. I have a full week at school ahead of me. I'm sure that's what it's going to be looking like between now and the end of the semester in May. It'll be so nice to reach that summer break!

I've attached some pictures of the weekend below. I hope you guys had a great weekend. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh

Here is Alan at the so-so Thai restaurant, Tamarind.

This is me with the birthday girl, Janette. We work together at PTC.

This is me first thing Sunday morning with all the animals on me!

Doris and I.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

GARY commented over my shoulder as I was reading this blog, that the photo of you with all the pets looks like your own personal "What Becomes a Legend Most" (aka Blackgamma) ad. He thinks that's terribly witty and cautioned me against taking credit for the remark myself. We're talking potential lawsuit. Gary's well into the Sauvignon Blanc.

*I* enjoyed your blogette tremendously. I would like to know where "Queen's Villge" is in Phila. I wonder if that name came about after I had left the city? Where dat gurl?

Hope the Little D is bulking up and taking over! She's a cutie.

Casey said...

Sounds like a good weekend.

I absolutely love the pic of all the animals piled up on you. I cant believe the cats & dogs all coexist so nicely.

Rick Watson said...

i watched a 'brains' movie once. I think it was the Night of the Living Dead.... where all the corpses rise up from the graves hungry as hell and only wanting to eat brains! and more brains!!!! have you seen that flick? it's funny!

btw... little doris already is looking better!

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