Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Needed This One!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I hope you guys had a great weekend. We did. I'll tell you one thing, I really needed this one! The week after spring break was one of the busiest ones I've had so far this semester. Many of my teachers had assignments for us over the break, which I didn't have a split second to do while I was back home. I had to spend most of my week trying to rush to finish things before they were due. I'm happy to say I was successful, but once the weekend rolled around I breathed a sigh of relief that must have been heard in Pakistan.

Friday night I started the weekend off right by having (too many) drinks with a few friends. I hit up a few different night spots in Center City, but I was home and in bed before midnight. I told you i was sleepy!

Saturday afternoon was spent strolling around the area, relaxing in a coffee shop and napping on our couch until dinner. It was all pretty chill, but I must say, the latter part of our evening was fantastic. I just so happened to experience my single most favorite dining-out experience in Philadelphia so far. We went to a restaurant called Horizons, located in Queens Village. I've been wanting to check it out for a long time, because it is one of the only strictly vegan restaurants in town. It was a little pricey, but worth every penny. Both of our entrees were extraordinary. I had the Catalan Tempeh dish, which was fantastic, but Alan had the best plate of the night. He had the Pacific Rim Grilled Tofu, which I swear to you tasted so much like fish that even I was floored. I don't see how they do it. The consistency, the flavor, the texture, everything was spot on. I love this place so much. I can't wait to go back to try some of the other dishes. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Later that evening we kept it classy by heading to Target to purchase an electronic kitty liter box! We're such divas.

Today we hit up Iovine's Produce Market and Whole Foods for our weekly grocery shopping. We got out early, so the stores weren't nearly as busy as usual. We like that. Alan took the dogs to the park earlier, while I stayed at home working on the bloggy video I am presenting below. For dinner we had Atlantic Charr infused with Rosemary and Lemon. Our sides were dill new potatoes and marinated asparagus. It was simple and delicious. I love my Sugar.

Doris has been doing very well in her first week with us. She's catching on to the potty training very well. We still have to keep a stern eye on her, but she's starting to equate pottying outside with "treat," which is always a good sign. She's an adorable little fur ball of joy (my english teacher would call that a cliche).

I hope you guys have a great week. I keep meaning to force myself to blog more, but things have been very busy at school. One of the worst parts about not having time to blog, is not having time to read all of yours. Things will be back on bloggy track one of these days. I know many of you have so many exciting things going on lately. I can't wait to do some catching up! I hope you enjoy my video below. Have a great night. I'll chat with you soon.

Love, Josh


Anonymous said...

i just love love love your videos!

Bloggy Friend Bill said...

What fun! And you put the Lastfm stuff back up, so I can check your mood at any given time.

Alex looks like she's handling motherhood really well. Doris is adorable!

Casey said...

Great video. Glad you got some rest over the weekend.

Doris is really small compared to Galileo. Amazing!